Enjoying the summer in lightweight wheelchairs

The warmer weather is finally starting to appear, and those long, sunny periods will be getting longer and longer. At this time of year, it’s even more important that people with mobility issues are able to get out and about using lightweight wheelchairs.

Karma Mobility is one of the leading suppliers of lightweight wheelchairs in the UK and Ireland. This is partly because we spend a lot of time thinking about the user experience and how we can help people enjoy life more when they use our products.


Many of our models are designed with handrails to allow for self-propulsion. This means that as soon as you know the sun is going to shine, you can begin making your plans to go out and enjoy it. You don’t need to make arrangements with anyone else when you are thinking about short journeys and enjoying the outdoors.


All types of weather require you to make adjustments to your kit and wheelchair use. In the sun, make sure you pack sunscreen and water into one of our handy back-bags. Propelling yourself can be thirsty work. You can also get sunshades that attach to your chair to keep off a little of the glare.

Taking a trip

One of the advantages of lightweight wheelchairs is that they often fold down for ease of transportation. If you have the mobility, you can lift a chair into your backseat or boot. Otherwise, you can investigate adaptations to your vehicle that offer mechanical support for this. Once your wheelchair is on board, it’s time to hit the beach or the countryside and create some summer memories.

If all else fails

The weather isn’t always reliable in this part of the northern hemisphere so, if all else fails, you can always plan a trip to a place where the hot weather is more reliable. When you have a lightweight wheelchair, it makes travel much easier. Most airlines will take your wheelchair for free in the hold and offer you a replacement to get you to and from your plane. A little research ahead of time will reassure you about the policies of different airlines.


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