Product nameSKU
12.5″ mag wheels with PU tyres complete F-12*115L500-060300
12″ Rear Transit Wheel + bearing for Bluebird wheelchairWSP013
14″ mag wheels with pneumatic tyres complete 14″*1.75Q500-061301
14″ mag wheels with solid tyres complete 14″*1.75-Q(7spoke)500-060801
14″ x 1.75″ puncture proof tyre103-55007
14* 1.75 grey pneumaticTyre103-55031
14*1.75 inner tube103-55030
16″ x 18″ Extended seat upholstery VIP Mesh523-64A36F
16″ x 18″ Extended seat Upholstery VIP505 Silver523-64A371
18″ Flip over back upholstery for KM-1500 series T/A back502-630161
18″ tension adjustable back KM-1500 series502-6314W0
18″ x 18″ VIP515 Extended Seat Upholstery Mesh523-64A46F
2 in 1 modular joint for Ergo305/KP25.2 Armrest103-30080
2.80/2.50-4 castor tyre pneumatic in line Blazer103-56017
20″ 1 3/8-PU Solid Dark Gray Tyre103-55113
20″ Ergo Handrim103-55151
20″ wheels with Ergo handrim 20″ * 1 3/8-28H-Q500-062703
22″ complete wheels solid tyres500-060504
22Amp MK batteriesES22-12
24″ Magnesium alloy wheel L/H silver colour101-50023
24″ Magnesium alloy wheel R/H silver colour101-50024
24″ plastic handrim for KM-1510/SM-150103-55166
24″ Q/R PU plastic mag wheels plastic handrim500-062705
24″ Quick release wheels pneumatic with black handrim500-062105
24″ Spoke Guards with velcro & Screws500-06BB05
24″ Wheels with solid tyres and plastic handrim SM-150/1510500-062205
24″ x 1 3/4″ wheels with alum rim solid tyres for KM-8520X500-067405
24″ x 1 3/8″ Puncture proof grey tyre103-55082
24″ x 1.75″ flat free PU tyres for KM-8520X103-55112
24″ x 1″ bright yellow coloured tyre (25-540)103-55093
24″ x 1″ inner tube for special wheels103-55043
24″ x 1″ solid tyres (flat free) for carbon wheels grey103-55096
3.00-8 PU solid tyres 14” for Atigra (KP-30T) Middle wheel550-69130B
300W motor and gear box for Atigra VR2 version – left old *107-20072
300W motor and gear box for Atigra VR2 version – right old107-20073
300W(350W) motor for VR2 32:1-5100rpm left for Blazer107-20153
300W(350W) motor for VR2 32:1-5100rpm right for Blazer107-20154
5″ Alu. Rim Caster 125*28 mm-SJ-CA0501R-rubber castor includ103-51062
5″ castor with bearings500-051900
6″ x 1 1/4″ (150mm x 32mm) solid castor complete Dove500-053200
6″ x 1″ (150mm x 25.4mm) solid castor complete500-052004
60 amp Gel Battery L259 x W169 x H179M34-SLD-G
7 X 1 3/4 Castor wheel PneumaticWE7/PNEU
7″ x 1 3/4″ castor with infill tyreWE7/SOL
7″ x 1.75 infill tyre castor wheel complete500-056300
7″ x 1.75 SOLID tyre castor wheel with bearing & wider fork500-054704
7″ x 1″ Ergo 105/115 castor & fork with 85L stem500-054600
70 Degree Hanger black L/H500-090000
70 Degree Hanger black R/H500-090004
70 degree hanger diamond black Left hand side (P-Type)500-090014
70 degree hanger diamond black Right hand side (P-Type)500-090015
79 Amp AGM BatteryM24-SLD-A-FT
8″ x 1.25″ pneumatic castor complete (with rim + bearing)500-053000
8″ x 1″ castor with bearing500-052200
8″ x 2″ (200mm x 50mm) Solid castor with bearings500-053500
90 degree hanger for VIP/MVP 16″ with footplate – left500-0911L5
90 degree hanger for VIP/MVP 16″ with footplate – right500-0912L5
Angle Adjus footplate for VIP515/MVP502/305 18″ Left for ELR500-085800
Angle Adjus footplate for VIP515/MVP502/305 18″ Right fr ELR500-085802
Angle adjustable footplate for Ergo 115/VIP505/515 16″ Left500-085500
Angle adjustable footplate for Ergo 115/VIP505/515 16″ Right500-085502
Angle adjustable footplate for Ergo 115/VIP505/515 18″ Left500-085600
Angle adjustable footplate for Ergo 115/VIP505/515 18″ Right500-085602
Angle Adjustable footplate for VIP505/515 16″ Left for ELR500-085700
Angle Adjustable footplate for VIP505/515 16″ Right for ELR500-085702
Anti tip & tipping lever for Flexx > left535-12040F
Anti tip & tipping lever for Flexx right535-12050F
Anti tip for KM-2512 Ergo chair – LEFT525-12040F
Anti tip for KM-2512 Ergo chair- RIGHT525-12050F
Anti tip wheel (with bolt)103-55056
Anti tipper for KM-9000 left536-12001F
Anti tipper for KM-9000 Right536-12011F
Anti-tip for KM-8520F12/Q24 and KM-6520 265L Left500-120802
Anti-tip for KM-8520F12/Q24 and KM-6520 265L Right500-120902
Anti-tipper for KP-10.2.KP-10.3 R/H575-12050F
Anti-tipper for KP-10.2/KP10.3 L/H575-12040F
Arm pad for IM-9095/IM-9094ISP001
arm pad KP-30 Atigra103-30102
*** DO NOT USE HANDED *** Armpad IM-9063/IM9064ISP023
Arm rest Pad for WH-B012 Bluebird wheelchair. (9″ Long)WSP006
Armrest pad of KM-2501/KM2512 Ergo Lite & 2525-560118
Armrest release catch for all Karma chairs.103-90017
Arm rest release catch for Bluebird WH12WSP021
LH Armrest Side panel for KM-8520 &8520X/VIP-515/KP25.2103-30084
RH Armrest Side panel KM-8520 & 8520X/VIP-515/KP25.2103-30085
Atigra KP-30 footrest hanger black L/H BEFORE 2012580-090002
Atigra KP-30 footrest hanger black R/H BEFORE 2012580-090003
Atigra KP-30T battery cable VR2107-51199
Atigra KP-30T frame sprindle580-510314
Atigra KP-30T sprindle cap580-51A355
Attendant steering handle KP-10.3 left hand575-15021F
Attendant steering handle KP-10.3 right hand575-15031F
Attendent brake lever left IM-9095ISP015
Attendent brake lever right IM-9095ISP016
Axle adjustment part for KM-9000 right (camber angle)536-691215
Backrest Bag803-90015
*see PSP050*Battery carrying strap for KP-10.3103-95128
Black/grey back upholstery KM2501/2512 16″ from 2013525-6305F1F
Black/grey seat upholstery KM2501/2512 16″ x 16″ from 2013525-6405F0F
Blazer front castor inner tube 2.80/2.50-4-tube-JS87-A30103-51024
Blazer/Morgan/Leon Sling seat headrest582-15010F
Blazer/Morgan/Leon Drive rear wheel582-06000F
Bluebird Transport WH-B006 Brake cableWSP028Bluebird Travel wheelchair bag
Bluebird Travel wheelchair bagWSP024
Bluebird WH-B006 wire brake cableWSP036
Brake block foldable brake II Ergo 115 s/p 79mmLong102-90224
Brake block KM-2500/1510/2501/2512/VIP505/Ergo115/25 19x40L500-57180K
Brake cable for Flexx S/P 7*7 780 mm* 1190mm – 2p102-40153
Brake cable for Flexx transit 51 cm backrest height 720*920102-40135
Brake cable for Flexx transit 7*7 780mm*1190mm 2p102-40129
Brake cable for IM-9094/9095 chair. (L 37.5”)ISP030
Brake Ergo 115 Self Propelled Left Hand Pre 2011500-075800
Brake Ergo 115 Self Propelled Right Hand Pre 2011500-075801
Brake handle for folding brake183-90126
Brake lever plastic Dove/Ergo 115 – left103-90226
Brake lever plastic Dove/Ergo 115 – right103-90227
Brake locking lever for Ergo Lite/Lite2103-90036
Cables for VR2 controllerSA79238
Calf strap of Km-2501 18″ (Black/grey mesh) from 2013525-6601F0
Captain seat 18″ x 17″ for Morgan and Leon SEE 15730000046250C-14031F
Carbon Brushes for 300w/350w motors107-23027
Castor and fork completeISP012
Castor Bearing #608102-10001
Castor Bracket for KM-5000/Heavy Duty/SM.852.2 L/H new ver500-600614
Castor Bracket for KM-5000/Heavy Duty/SM.852.2 R/H500-602114
Castor for KP-25.2 complete (split rim aluminium) 200 x 50mm552-05090F
Castor fork 85mm KM-1500/1510/3520/5000/8520X/VIP 8×2/7×1.75500-601714
Castor fork for BT-10 (200*50 wide fork)519-601415
Castor fork for IM-9095/94 metalISP007
Castor fork for WH-B012 Bluebird Travel ChairWSP060
Castor fork 75l 105/115/2500/SM-150/852.2Q24/VIP 1″ (25mm)500-601814
Castor housing bearing/transit & s/p wheel R8Z BMZ102-10002
Castor spacer 12.7x 8.5 x 24.3500-601406
Circuit braker connecting wire KP-30T107-51244
CP-33 Extended push handles (1 pair) fit 7/8 dia tube(KSP266101-90014
Cross braces of S Ergo 115 16″ x 17″ Right522-0402L5
Cross braces of S Ergo 115 18″ x 17″ Left522-0403L5
Cross braces of S Ergo 115 18″ x 17″ Right522-0404L5
Cross braces of S Ergo 115/125 20″ x 17″ Right522-0406L5
Crutch holder for KM-8520/km5000/7520/FLEXX/KM-BT10500-12650F
Curved brake bar IM-9095 leftISP042
Curved brake bar IM-9095 rightISP043
Cushion of adj backrest black for T/A airmesh Flexx 17″535-633062
Cushion of adj backrest black + T/A airmesh Flexx 18″535-633162
Dove, Sparrow, Wren2 Plastic Cross brace protectors on seat103-90092
Drink holderASP030
Dust caps for castor bracket103-40054
Dust Cover _hub cap on transit & S/P wheels Wren 2 with logo103-40008
Elevating legrest for IM-9063/IM-9064ISP021
Elevating legrest for VIP 505/515 MVP 502 R/H side w/o fp500-092501
Elevating legrest for VIP 505/515 MVP-502 – L/H side w/o fp500-092500
ELR with footplate for Flexx 18″-20″- Left535-0911HF
ELR with footplate for Flexx- 18″ – 20″ – right535-0912HF
Ergo 105/115 (pre2012) Tran/ Wren2 (T&SP) Q/R Axle (137mm)102-90014
Ergo 105/115 Anti-tip left hand side (after May 2008)522-120200
Ergo 105/115 Anti-tip right hand side (after May 2008)522-120201
Ergo 105/115 Back cushion upholstery 18″ Red522-63A181
Ergo 105/115 Seat cushion upholstery 18″ Red522-64A182
Ergo 105/115/125 Back cushion 16″ – Grey 2012522-6302F2
Ergo 105/115/125 Back cushion 18″ – Grey 2012522-6304F2
Ergo 105/115/125 foldable brake II Q24 – left from 2011500-079200
Ergo 105/115/125 foldable brake II Q24 – right from 2011500-079201
Ergo 105/115/125 Seat cushion 16″ – Grey 2012522-6401F2
Ergo 105/115/125 Seat cushion 18″ – Grey 2012522-6402F2
Ergo 105/115/VIP505 Left side panel103-30078
Ergo Lite 2/115/125/852.2 footrest block new design102-90349
Ergo 115 Tension adjust back 18″ with fasten stip & screws522-63A460F
Ergo 115/125 Back Cushion Black 18″522-6301W1
Ergo 115/125 Seat Cushion Black 18″522-6401W2
ERGO HANDRIM 24″ 8-HOLE PP 2-Hole Fix103-55153
Ergo II Armrest Pad – Right Flexx/KP10/115 (after 2014)500-567218
Ergo II Armrest pad- Left 115/flexx/KP-10 (after 2014)500-567118
Ergo Lite /115/125 calf strap 2 piece left525-6608Y0
Ergo Lite 14″ Spoked Fixed Wheels500-061901
Ergo Lite 18″ Calf Strap Silver525-6601Y0
Ergo Lite Anti-tip left hand side525-120100
Ergo Lite Anti-tip right hand side525-120101
Ergo Lite KM2501 Seat upholstery 16″ x 16″ SILVER525-6400Y0F
Ergo Lite KM2501 Seat upholstery 18″ x 16″ SILVER525-6401Y0F
Ergo Lite/ 105/115/125 Foam Hand Grip (new verison), handle103-90207
Ergo Lite/115/125 calf strap 2 piece right525-6609Y0
Ergo Lite/Lite2 Footplate 18″ Left103-20058
Ergo Lite/Lite2 Footplate 18″ Right103-20059
Ergo Lite2 Heel loop 18″ left hand side525-68A500
Ergo Lite2 Heel loop 18″ right hand side525-68A600
Ergo105/115/VIP505 Right side panel103-30079
Ergo305/KM8520X 24Aluminum colour hand rims with flange nuts500-06A3A7
Extension Tube for ELR black 25.4*460L(KM1510,8250,115,SM852500-585015
Flexx 16″ 43cm high backrest upholsteryS35-630196
Flexx 18″ 43cm high backrest upholsteryS35-630216
Flexx 19″ 43cm high backrest upholsteryS35-630226
Flexx KM8522 brake S/P left535-07000F
Flexx KM8522 brake S/P right535-07010F
Flexx KM8522 Footrest block103-90295
Flexx push handle 43cm (wire brake) l/hS35-02004H
Flexx push handle 43cm (wire brake) l/hS35-02005H
Flexx seat extension 1″535-12030F
Foldable brake block for Ergo 115/305/MVP502 40mmlong500-57640KK
Foldable brake VIP-515 right Q14 Current version500-07A401
Foldable brakes Ergo105/115 Q14 LEFT Pre 2011500-077600
Foldable brakes VIP-515 left Q14 Current version500-07A400
Foldable push handle for KM-9000 (set)536-51210F
Foot pedalWSP067
**USE 500-592714**Foot strap&fixing screws (Bill materials)ASP037
Foot Strap fixed plate and screws SEE ASP037500-591814
Footboard 5″ junior extension (length = 10.3/4″)FL-FOOTBOARD-1
Footboard adult 5″ extension (length = 10.3/4″) WiderFL-FOOTBOARD-3
Footboard junior 9″ extension (length measurement 15″)FL-FOOTBOARD-2
Footplate assembly BT10 – 173L – right519-080002
Footplate assembly BT10 173L – left519-080000
Footplate assembly KP-30T Left580-08000F
Footplate assembly KP-30T Right580-08010F
Footplate for Bluebird WH-B012 leftWSP061
Footplate for Bluebird WH-B012 rightWSP063
Footplate for WH-B006 l/hWSP026
Footplate for WH-B006 r/hWSP027
Footplate Left for IM-9095 chairISP019
Footplate Right for IM-9095 chairISP020
Footplate vertical tube – KP-30580-590914
Footplate +heel loop Blazer, KP-31 17″ & 19″ – Left500-08A100
Footrest hanger for Bluebird WH-B006/WH-B012 l/hWSP032
Footrest hanger for Bluebird WH-B006/WH-B012 r/hWSP033
Footrest hanger for Ergo 115/125 silver (100 degrees) 2007-500-091802
Footrest Pivot for KM-2512 hanger103-90249
Footrest Plunger Ergo 115/Wren 2/KP-10.3/Lite 2500-692800
Fork + stem 85L for 8″ x 2″ Castor KM-1510 Old version500-053603
Front castor wheel + bearing for Bluebird wheelchair WH-B006WSP015
Full set steering handles KP -25.2 silv/blk for Q/R attn c552-1515HF
Fuse for KP-30T107-74014
Seat belt (57″ / 144cms)ASP008
Gas strut for KM-5000102-90119
Gas strut for VIP-505/515102-90188
Gas strut for MVP 502 New version ball joint102-90272
Gear box for KP-10.3 & kp-25.2 200W motors L/H107-22023
Gear box for kp-10.3 & KP-25.2 200W motors R/H107-22024
Hand Brake Left hand side Bluebird wheelchairWSP003
Hand Brake Right hand side Bluebird wheelchairWSP002
Hand Grip Ergo 105/115 & Wren.2 see 103-90244 to Sept 2011103-90074
Hand grip for KM-1510/2500/3520/5000/7520/8520/8522 7/8″103-90075
Hand grip on foldable brake (will need 108-19044 & 39009)103-90126
Hanger bracket for KP-10.3S – Left575-58191F
Hanger bracket for KP-10.3S – Right575-58201F
Hanger for Blazer KP-31 – right (155905030001 )582-09011F
Hanger for Blazer KP-31 left (155905030000)582-09001F
Hanger locating pin for IM-9095 ilite chair.ISP036
Harley Comfort Plus Cushion 16″ x 16″ x 2″SP44504
Harley Comfort Plus Cushion 17″ x 17″ x 2″SP44152
Harley Comfort Plus Cushion 18″ x 18″ x 2″SP44672
Harley Comfort Plus Cushion 20″ x 18″ x 2″SP44828
Heel loop for Robin & Wren 2 standard footplate 18″ left500-6860Y0
Heel loop for Robin & Wren 2 standard footplate 18″ right500-6861Y0
Heel loops with fixings black 13″ LongASP010
Height adj backrest 38-53 cm upholstery Flexx 18″S35-63015Y
Height adj backrest tube flexx slilver with hand grip LEFTS35-02006H
Height adjustable back cushion 18″S35-633162
Postioning base for SM-825.2 armrest103-10025
Hook cover on Ergo Lite seat103-90208
Karma dinner tray large (22″) velcro designASP015
KM-1500 seat upholstery 17″ x 17″501-6412W0F
KM-2512 Ergo Lite2 seat upholstery 18″525-6406Y0F
KM-2512 Self Propelled brake assembly – left525-070101
KM-2512 Self Propelled brake assembly – right525-070102
KM-2512/KM-2501 Transit brake assembly (left or right)525-070200
KM-8520X aluminium footplate with heel loop – Left500-089500
KM-8520X aluminium footplate with heel loop – Right500-089502
KM-9000 flip back armrest l/h536-10001F
KM-9000 flip back armrest r/h536-10011F
KM1510 Robin 16″ x 18″ seat upholstery501-6406WF
KM2500 Dove arm pad PU25*40*245mm103-30119
KM8520 & KM8520X Q24 slowing brake assembly left500-074600
KM8520 & KM8520X Q24 slowing brake assembly right500-074601
KP-10.2 & KP-25.2 kerb climber552-53120F
KP-10.3 hand grip103-95157
KP-10.3/SM-852.2 footplate left 16 & 17 (from 2010)500-087300
KP-25 Battery (M45-125LDM)PSP001
KP-30 inner tube (light grey) for drive wheel103-55539
KP-30T inner tube & tyre for middle wheel103-55534
KP-30T rear castor assembly103-52012
KP-30T tilt actuator107-20084
L Hand bar on the Blazer582-10020F
L/H brake for 105&115Q14/1500&1510Q14/3520Q14 not fold504-070100
L/H Brake for KM-2500Q14/Q20 or KM-1500503-070500
L/H brake for KM-8520Q24/KM-8520XQ24 No wire (before2014)500-070700
L/H brake for SM-150F14/Q24511-070100
L/H Elevating Legrest for KM-1510/5000/8520 Black500-091400
L/H Elevating legrest for SM-852.2 & Ergo 115 & KP10.3 305L500-093200
L/H Ergonomic armpad 115/125/305/KP-10.2/KP-25.2/ (285mm)504-561118
Left Hand brake for KM-1510Q24500-075900
Left hand stump support VIP505/515/MVP502/Ergo 305500-092300
Left Stump support for 5000/8520/KM1510/KP25.2/Blazer/Atigra500-090202
LEON chassis, w/450w 5100rpm motors, 90A VR2, No Seat97002-0018
Long aluminium fork +75L stem KM8520/MVP502/Wren2 S/P500-052500
long castor fork for Flexx ? 20″ seat height535-601314
Long fork with stem for Flexx 21″ seat to ground height535-60001
Martin Seat upholstery 18″ x 20″508-6422R1F
Middle L- Bar for KM-2501 (brake block)500-579814
MVP/VIP515 Footplate for Elv Leg Rest Left 16″500-086100
MVP/VIP515 Footplate for Elv Leg Rest Right 16″500-086102
MVP/VIP515/Ergo 305 Footplate for Elv Leg Rest Left 18″500-086200
MVP/VIP515/Ergo 305 Footplate for Elv Leg Rest Right 18″500-086202
New crutch holers for Ergo 115/Ergo Lite/VIP/MVP/Wren2500-12630F
New parallel swing away joystick left (2014)550-10030F
New parallel swing away joystick right (2014)550-10040F
Lateral Support FSC kit 7/8″ cane mount crescent shped leftTWBL-FSC78-L
Lateral Support FSC kit 7/8″ cane mount crescent shpd rightTWBL-FSC78-R
Older wider armpads for KP-25 (NOT KP25.2)550-56061B
P type hanger in silver black KP-25.2 Left500-090016
Part A for joystick Carrier for KP25.2 (controll fixing rod)552-566114
Part B Adjustable Controller Fixing rod for KP25.2 joystick552-566214
Pin for half folding back on IM-9095ISP041
Plastic fork and 125L stem for KM-2501/2512500-052600
Plastic side panel SOMA – Left SM-150103-30005
Plastic side panel SOMA Right SM-150103-30006
Plastic slider – front IM-9095ISP031
Plastic slider – rear IM-9095 / WH-B006ISP014
Push handle for KM-9000 13″-16″ height (not handed)536-51001F
Push handle for KM-9000 16″-19″ height (not handed)536-51011F
Push handles for Ergo 105/115 standard high Pearl Silver 38″522-5604B5
Q/R axle for KM1500/1510 trans Magnesium alloy wheel 130mm102-90023
Q/R axle for SM150,1510/2500/7520/8520/Ergo115 s/p) 130mm102-90071
Q/Release axle E115/125/MVP/Flexx Transit YL862 12m/m*140mm102-90202
Quick release axle housing for Ergo 115 (Boss)108-99001
R/H Brake for KM-2500Q14/Q20 or KM-1500503-070501
R/H brake for KM-8520Q24/KM-8520XQ24 No wire (before2014)500-070701
R/H brake for SM-150F14/24511-070101
R/H Elevating legrest for KM-1510/5000/8520 Black500-091401
R/H Elevating legrest for SM-852.2 & Ergo 115 & KP10.3 305L500-093201
R/H Ergonomic armpad 125/115/305/KP-10/KP-25.2 (285 mm)504-561218
Rear Infill Tyres for KP-25.2 (12 1/2* 2 1/4* 8)103-52009
Rear wheel black for IM-9095 – 12″ISP004
Rear wheel cap for IM-9095ISP005
Release lever for SM-852.2 flip back armrest103-10026
Right Hand brake for KM-1510Q24500-075901
Right hand stump support VIP505/515/MVP502 see 500-090203500-092301
Right Stump support for 5000/8520/KM1510/KP25.2/Blazer/Atig500-090203
Rigidifying push bar for MVP-520 & Ergo 105/115 16″531-120700
Rivet 5-5 black 4.0*12.7L (for 8520 side panel)(req 4)102-30012
Rivet for fixing Dove Sparrow side panel (4pcs req per side)102-30003
Rivet for side panel on Wren 2/8520 5.8 (req 3pcs /side)102-30018
Rivets for the side panel of Ergo 115(3 pcs for each side )102-30006
Robin & Sparrow Anti-tip left hand side500-120002
Robin & Sparrow Anti-tip right hand side500-120102
Robin 16″ & 18″ & Ergo 105/115 16″ & Martin 17″ Calf Strap506-6601R0
Robin/Martin Left hand footplate 16″ new version KP-25.2500-086300
Robin/Martin Left hand footplate 18″ new version500-086400
Robin/Martin Right hand footplate 16″ new version KP-25.2500-086302
Robin/Martin Right hand footplate 18″ new version500-086402
Rubber brake grip103-90034
Safety Harness (multi-function HB108)500-685200
Sealed battery 18AH 12 VoltES17-12
Seat and back for Bluebird WH-B012 Travel chair.WSP050
Seat Belt for Bariatric wheelchair size (63″/ 160 cm)105-95006
Seat belt for Flexx SEE 151200000109105-95010
Seat tube connector on backrest tube on Bluebird WHB006WSP043
Seat upholstery (black)of SM-150 17″ x 16″511-6400Y0F
Seat upholstery for S 105/115 / 125 18″ Black mesh522-64A163F
Seat upholstery for S Ergo 105/115 20″ Black mesh522-64A263F
Seat upholstery for WH-B012 Bluebird travel wheelchair.WSP008
Seat Upholstery KM-8520X H/D 20″ x 20″508-6436W1
Semi circular spacer for 8 – shape clamp for stump on 2512500-69A603
Short aluminium fork + 101L stem for Wren.2 S/P500-052400
Short aluminium fork + 75L stem/115/ VIP515/SM-852.2500-052300
Side panel for Bluebird wheelchair*seeISP044WSP007
Skirt guard for KM1510 Robin left side103-30016
Skirt guard for KM1510 Robin right side103-30017
sling seat 19″ flip back armrest without T/R Leon/Morgan97004-0007
SM-150 Hand Grips109-51004
SM-852.2 / Ergo115 footrest block 2012 onwards – 35mm x 20mm523-58010M
sm-852.2 18″ back524-6307YOF
SM-852.2 Flip up/bolt fitment Footplate Left (prior 2010)500-084300
SM-852.2 Flip up/bolt fitment Footplate Right (prior 2010)500-084302
SM-852.2 footplate left 18 & 19 (from 2010)500-087400
SM-852.2 footplate right 18 & 19 (from 2010)500-087402
Sparrow 17″ Calf Strap511-6600Y0
Sparrow/Wren.2 plastic brake lever – left SEE 103-90226103-90205
Sparrow/Wren.2 plastic brake lever – right SEE 103-90227103-90206
Standard back KP-30T 18″ Dartex580-63041F
Stump support Ergo 115/125/Wren.2 left or right500-093600
Swift & Ergo 105/115 18″ /KP-25.2 &Heavy Duty 20″ Calf Strap508-6607R0
Swivel away footplate for KM-1500/2500/SM150 16″ & 18″ Left500-080800
RH Swivel away footplate for KM-1500/2500/SM150 16″ & 18″500-080802
Tension adjustable back for Ergo 115/125 16″ + strip & screw522-63A360F
Tension Adjustable back for S-Ergo 115 20″522-63A560F
Tension back for Flexx 17″ – 18″ backrest height 51cmS35-63010Y
Tension back for KM-1500 16″.502-6313W0
Threaded fixing nut for Ergo 305/KP25.2 armrest102-90163
Tilt – in – space cable for VIP-505/VIP 515 (old tilt lever)102-40057
Tipping Lever for Ergo 115/125KSP536
Tipping Lever for Ergo Lite 2 (ask before or after 2012)KSP544
Tipping lever for Ergo Lite KM2501KSP537
Tipping lever for KM-1510/KM-2500/SM-150501-12010F
Tipping Lever for KM-2500 DoveKSP547
Tipping lever KM-8520 right hand508-12070F
Torsion Spring on Ergo Lite brake (left)500-579618
Torsion Spring on Ergo Lite brake (right)500-579718
Tube connector for Wren.2 seat on backrest tube103-90124
Tube in centre footplate for Ergo 115/125 18″ & Ergo 305 ELR500-083500
Tube-in-center footplates – S-105/115/125 16″500-083400
TWBL 3X5 Lateral single pad w/Neoprene coverTWBL-3X5
Tyre for castor on KP-25.2 200 x 50mm solid103-51023
Unthreaded fixing nut for Ergo 305 armrest102-90164
Updated hand grip 7/8″ Sparrow / Wren 2 (from sept 11)103-90244
VIP (MVP) additional hanger bracket500-093300
VIP-505/515 Left side Anti-tip Self propelled/Transit523-120100
VIP-505/515 Right side Anti-tip Self propelled/Transit523-120101
VIP515 Mesh Seat 14″ x 18″ extended523-64AA60F
VIP515 Silver seat upholstery 14″ x 18″ extended523-64AB71
VIP515 Silver Upholstery Seat Cushion 18 x 18523-64A471
VIP515 Tension Back 16 inch ( to 18”)523-63A460F
VIP515 Tension Back 18 inch523-63A560F
VR2 dual unitD50872
VR2 joystick no accutators no lights GreyD50677
Wedge on Dove/Sparrow footplate assembly109-08003
WH-B012 seat strapWSP037
**SEE WSP030 ** WH-B012 wire brake cableWSP038
wheel for KP-10.3 (12 1/2″*2 1/4″ PU Tyre)103-55556
wheel hub Cap for BluebirdWH-B012 Transit wheelWSP062
Wide aluminium fork + 75L stem KM5000/KM3520/KM8520X (8 x 2)500-053600
Wire brake cable Ergo 305F14/Q24/115 Q24 – 700mm*1110m-2P102-40130
Wire Brake cable for KM-2500 Transit102-40026
Wire brake cable for KM-2500Q20102-40131
Wire Brake cable for KM-2501F14 & KM-2512F14 Transit102-40069
Wire Brake cable for KM-5000F14 & KM-5000Q24102-40007
Wire Brake cable for KM-8520F12 & KM-8520Q24102-40104
Wire Brake cable for SM-150F14102-40055
Wire Brake cable for VIP 505/515F14 & VIP 515Q20 (old lever)102-40056
Wire brake cable KM-1500/1510Q14,KM3520Q14,S-Ergo 105/115Q14102-40035
Wire Brake Cable KM1500/1510Q24 SM150Q24,Ergo 105/115/305Q24102-40029
Wire Brake CableKM3520Q24,Ergo305F14,Wren2/Ergo105Q24115Q24102-40031
Wren 2 Swing Away Hanger Black500-092000
Wren.2 Left hand side panel/guard SM-852103-30081
Wren.2 Right hand side panel/guard – SM-852103-30082
Wren.2 Transit Anti-Tip (430mm Seat Height) – Left524-120100
Wren.2 Transit Anti-Tip (430mm Seat Height) – Right524-120101
Wren.2 SP Anti-Tip MVP (430mm Seat Height)-Left522-120100