A lightweight wheelchair can give you back your independence around the home, or out and about. They are designed to be either self-propelled or maneuvered by a carer when necessary. Whatever mobility issues you are living with, equipment from Karma Mobility is here to help. All of our lightweight manual wheelchairs have folding frames which enable customers to get their wheelchair into a vehicle on a regular basis. These are also a good choice if you only need your wheelchair intermittently as they lend themselves well to storage. Looking for something even lighter?

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Light wheelchairs perfect for travelling

At Karma, we know that wheelchair users need to get their wheelchair in, and out of vehicles on a regular basis, so we’ve made our lightweight wheelchairs as functional and manageable as possible. Their lightweight features make them easier to move from place to place while their attractive, and comfortable designs make them a must-have choice for a range of customers.

Make travelling and day trips more accessible, and longer journeys in the car hassle free with our best lightweight folding wheelchairs. If you are considering travelling on holiday by plane, or train travel, a folding lightweight wheelchair can make everything much more manageable. We don’t see mobility issues as restrictions, but as considerable elements for our innovative designs, that’s why our lightweight wheelchairs are flexible and easy to maneuver, making the perfect accompaniment when exploring.

Lightweight wheelchairs to suit your lifestyle

You will find a broad range of lightweight wheelchairs available in various sizes and specifications to suit your individual needs. What’s even better, our lightweight wheelchairs can be further customised with our extensive array of wheelchair accessories, so our customers can feel as comfortable as possible in their new light wheelchairs. Be sure to check out our full collection of wheelchairs, here at Karma Mobility, for a more extensive selection of choice.