Get to know your lightweight wheelchair

A little knowledge can go a long way towards making you feel like you are in charge of your experience when it comes to lightweight wheelchairs. Whilst you may contact a professional for maintenance checks and repairs, it’s still worth knowing what all the component parts do and how to perform interim upkeep. You could reduce your need to buy spare parts with the right care. You will also feel more secure when you are out and about if you know that your wheelchair is in good condition and that you can attend to minor issues if anything goes wrong.

If you need spares and accessories for lightweight wheelchairs, Karma Mobility offer these through dealers all over the UK and Ireland. This means you can get them locally and often have them fitted as well.

Lightweight wheelchairs typically consist of a frame, wheels and seat. Each of these areas break down into further component parts.


The frame is the structure that all the other bits attach to. This can be made form several different types of material. It is sturdy and weatherproof. Look over any lightweight wheelchair that you use and make sure that you know where all the bolts and joins are. Check these regularly. Give any bolts a tighten once a month or so, depending on how much you use your mobility aid.


Treat your wheelchair tyres as you would your car or bike tyres. Make sure the tread looks deep enough and replace the tyre if there are any smooth patches or damage. You can get spare tyres for lightweight wheelchairs, so you have one to hand.


This is typically made from a thick, canvas-like material that is designed to hold your weight comfortably. You may then add a seat cushion or back rest if your chair does not come with enough padding. Check for rips or holes that can affect the integrity of your seat every time you put your wheelchair away.

Lightweight wheelchairs from Karma Mobility are designed to stand up to the rigors of life. With the right care and attention, your mobility aid will last you a long time.


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