Lightweight foldable electric wheelchairs offer greater independence and the ability to travel while being incredibly compact. Our folding powered wheelchairs are a brilliant option for those that enjoy exploring and use public transport regularly. High-quality, durable and reliable; browse our full range online.

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Is a lightweight folding electric wheelchair for you?

There are many reasons to consider a lightweight foldable electric wheelchair, such as their high-quality, durability and reliability. If your manual wheelchair has been holding you back for some time, the foldable electric wheelchair will provide that much-needed independence – perfect for transport, heading into the city centre and easy storage.

If you’re searching for a foldable electric wheelchair, here at Karma Mobility, ours can be produced to your bespoke requirements, with add-ons and adjustable features available – such as elevating leg rests and arms rests for ultimate comfort. All of your needs will be taken care of and considered by one of our professionals, you can be rest assured you find the right foldable electric wheelchair to suit your very specific needs.

The advantages of motorised wheelchairs are endless. For those struggling with the comfort of their current wheelchairs, some of the features of our electric wheelchairs include flip back height adjustable armrests and a quick release steering handle. The power chairs are easy to handle on long journeys, and even offer a curb climber.Karma Mobility is your one stop shop for choosing the correct folding electric wheelchair, allowing you to achieve more independence, whilst being highly long lasting and dependable. Looking for something lightweight and flexible? Why not consider a lightweight folding wheelchair today.