Which Powerchair?

At Karma Mobility, we supply a range of powerchairs to suit many different needs. We understand that this is a huge decision to make, which can have a great impact on your daily life or that of someone you care for.

That’s why we suggest you do your research and find the make and model that is the absolute best fit for you. This article can be your starting point, as we’ll take you through the five different types of powerchair we supply.


Folding electric wheelchairs

We supply two different powerchairs in this category: the Ergo Traveller and the Falcon Folding Powerchair. The great benefit of both these chairs is their flexibility. Perfect for those who either who drive a lot, or who only need the chair occasionally, and so can easily fold it up and store it when it’s out of action. They can be used inside or out and include a kerb climber.

Mid-wheel drive standard powered wheelchairs

We offer 10 different models of mid-wheel drive standard chairs. One of our favourites is the Morgan Captain Seat because it can deal with different types of terrain. It’s manoeuvrable enough to cope with navigating your home, and robust enough to deal with a trip across countryside, so you aren’t limited to one type of environment.

Mid-wheel drive standard prescription wheelchairs

We have 12 models of MWD prescription chairs. All come with a ‘KISS’ rehab seat, or you may want to go for the Captain or Sling seat option. You can choose from a chair that lifts, tilts, reclines, or a combination of all three.

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Rear wheelchairsve standard powered wheelchairs

The nine models of rear-wheel drive powerchairs we stock come with either a Sling or Captain seat with a tilt or recline option. All are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, and as such are both sturdy and compact.

Rear-wheel drive standard prescription wheelchairs

Our six prescription RWD chairs also have the strength and power to cope with bumpy terrain and can be supplied with batteries for extended outdoor use.

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