Choosing the right accessories for powered wheelchairs

When it comes to choosing accessories for powered wheelchairs, there are plenty of factors you need to consider. Perfect powered wheelchairs should exactly match your needs and requirements, providing greater comfort and ease for getting around. The correct powerchair must also be adaptable for any changing needs in the future.

Powered wheelchair accessories provide a host of benefits to users. Not only do they make day-to-day life all the more easier, but they vastly enhance mobility, independence and your levels of comfort. With that in mind, we’re sharing just some of the wheelchair accessories you can expect when seeking powered wheelchairs.


An adjustable headrest is an excellent feature of powered wheelchairs. There are various levels of headrests available. For instance, those that require head support for a better and balanced posture to improve mobility are well catered for. Similarly, adjustable head support is critical for those that require a high degree of stability for their spine and neck, and are designed for those who have little or no control over head movement.


Similar to the headrest, an adjustable footrest can prove invaluable to people maintaining particular conditions. Those with heart issues – such as edema – can greatly benefit from a footrest that can move in height, especially as it enables the users to ensure their feet are above their heart. Similarly, the footrest can work in conjunction with the recline and tilt options on powered wheelchairs, thus enabling you to rest during long journeys. The footrest can also aid in transferring users from the wheelchair to a bed – particularly when used alongside the recline.


As you’d expect from the above options, an adjustable armrest is also possible. There are a variety of options available for wheelchair armrests, all designed to ensure you enjoy the greatest comfort and ease of moving/transferring from the powerchair. Those who have control over mobility can use the wheelchair armrests to stand when transferring, and they are strong enough to support weight.

Similarly, the adjustable armrests as part of the wheelchair accessories make sure your elbows are comfortable, without the need to sag or hunch the shoulders – thus sacrificing your comfort. Without the adjustable armrests, it’s likely you would have to sacrifice time spent in your chair and, possible, journeys and experiences.


The joystick is integral to the powered wheelchairs system, and there are a range of systems for you to use. Those that are scared of technology needn’t worry, as the interchangeable controls are designed to be easily programmed and suit your needs and requirements. The variations of wheelchair accessories in the control systems makes for better, more intuitive driving, combined with improved functionality.

Wheel positions

There is certainly no one size fits all when it comes to powered wheelchairs, and you can even opt for different wheel positions. There are two types available: rear wheel drive powered wheelchairs and mid wheel drive powered wheelchairs.

Rear wheel drive powered wheelchairs have their wheels positioned at the back, providing better support for those that regularly travel outdoors. The wheel position makes for enhanced handling and security for travelling over rougher terrain. The wide turning radius of these powered wheelchairs are great for outdoor travel.

Similarly, the mid-wheel drive powered wheelchairs are excellent for handling and improved for indoor accessibility. The central position of the wheels offers a smaller turning radius, suited for indoors.

Power seating and tilt in space

Powered wheelchairs must, above all else, be comfortable. The ability to choose power seating and recline options mean the powerchairs are well suited for those with long-term issues. If you are sitting for long periods of time – you can suffer from pressure sores and other problems, particularly if you do not have the mobility to change positions. The seating of powered wheelchairs offers greater comfort, especially when paired with tilt in space. Essentially, you can relieve pressure when sitting for longer periods of time. This will also, subsequently, help to improve posture and reduce any muscle strain.

Additional accessories

There are various additional wheelchair accessories you can opt for during the process of choosing powered wheelchairs. For example, drinks holders and wheelchair bags can help with transport and long journeys – particular as they are suited towards the powerchair.

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