A history of Karma Mobility

When you are choosing from a range of lightweight wheelchairs or other mobility accessories, you are selecting a product that can have a big impact on your life. Independence, freedom of movement, and accessibility are all vital to quality of life and the right tool can help you realise them.

At Karma Mobility, we understand the importance of having a provider you can trust. We’re happy to talk you through a bit about our history and reputation so that you know you are working with a well-established company.


Karma Medical has been striving, since 1987, to ensure that everyone can live a full life, regardless of their physical capabilities. The founder, Kenny Chen, was inspired by a random encounter with someone who was struggling with the transportation of a wheelchair in difficult conditions. After helping them, he began to think and then he took action.

Over the next 30 years, Karma Medical researched and developed new and better lightweight wheelchairs and powerchairs. Karma Mobility began to distribute in the UK and Eire in 1999. This long history of national and international distribution means that you can benefit from a high level of industry experience.

Trusted clients

In the UK, Karma Mobility have a great working relationship with the NHS. When you choose one of our lightweight wheelchairs, you know that the leading healthcare provider in the country has done the same. We also have strong ties with our stockists throughout the UK.

User feedback

Perhaps the best indicator of Karma Mobility’s reputation comes from feedback from our customers.

This is just one of our many reviews, from an independent site, about one of our ultra-lightweight chairs:

“I love my chair, it is very comfortable and very portable. We usually spend 3 months in the States every summer, driving across 20 or so states during that time, plus other trips during the year; so I spend a lot of my time in this chair. It folds up to a very compact size and then fits into the closets inside the airplane: I never have to worry about it being in the hold.”

We offer products that suit your lifestyle. These are on offer at showrooms around the country so you can visit and test them for yourself.



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