Want to be more mobile? The benefits of lightweight wheelchairs for both users and their carers

September 20, 2019 6:14 am
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When you use a wheelchair, it should empower you and allow you to regain independence while also allowing you to stay active and mobile.

While this is the case for many wheelchair users, some people and their carers struggle with the wheelchairs that are usually given as a first choice by practitioners. Indeed, many wheelchairs are uncomfortable, difficult to disassemble and are surprisingly heavy to move. This can have an obvious impact on your ability to go out and about with your friends and family and can even be damaging to your carer’s back if you have one.

Luckily, since the invention of lightweight wheelchairs, there has been an increase in those who use chairs becoming more active. At Karma Mobility, we offer a huge range of different lightweight wheelchairs nationwide, allowing users and carers from all across the UK to benefit from them.

How do lightweight chairs help?

Having a wheelchair is all about mobility; they provide the users with a fast and easy way to get around without putting pressure on joints, and allowing legs to rest while doing so. Karma Mobility sells lightweight wheelchairs nationwide, that are specified to be lighter than traditional chairs, while taking pressure off the joints of those using or pushing them.

Of course, the obvious benefit of a lightweight chair is that it is, well, lightweight – but how does this improve the experience of using these chairs and how does it prevent them from becoming flimsy?

Our use of lightweight wheelchairs nationwide have provided us with the following bonuses.

Easier manoeuvrability

Heavy wheelchairs are harder to move, for carers and users.

With a lightweight frame, you can move them forward at a steadier pace and can increase pace if you are in a rush with ease. This is great for you and any potential carer, as it will reduce fatigue after a long day.

Large wheels

Are you into sports?

Lightweight frames generally have larger wheels, which adds speed and agility to your chair. Brilliant if you want to take up tennis!

Perfect for travel

When you are out and about, lightweight frames are easier to manoeuvre onto buses, trains and even planes. They are also easier to fold down if required during flights or longer train journeys and, if you need to squeeze on to a bus, they are easier to compress.


When it comes to comparing the weight of them versus standard wheelchairs, the difference is really quite striking.

A standard wheelchair weighs between 20kg and 24kg; that’s a lot to push around for you or those caring for you. Lightweight chairs do vary in weight, but are generally between 9kg and 15kg. While this may make you think they are flimsy, lightweight chairs are surprisingly sturdy and are able to carry weights of up to 17 stone without issue or damage. Easier for you and your carers to push around! So what are you waiting for?

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