The benefits of lightweight wheelchairs

August 24, 2018 5:36 am
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What are the benefits of lightweight wheelchairs? Why choose them over a powered chair? We supply both types here at Karma Mobility and we see the benefits of both, it really does just depend on your lifestyle.

So, when would we recommend you consider lightweight wheelchairs? Well, for a start, all the lightweight chairs we offer are foldable, which makes them easy to transport. If you are driving to work every day or even if you only need your chair occasionally, this is very helpful. They easily fold up in the back of the car or storage cupboard and can be brought out as needed without creating extra clutter in your home.

If you are travelling further afield, lightweight wheelchairs make aeroplane travel possible, meaning you don’t have to limit your travel options.

They also cover a wide range of lifestyles: from the sporty and active, to older people needing a bit of extra help getting out and about or moving round the home, from patients waiting for or recovering from surgery, to people with long-term mobility issues. The beauty of the lightweight chair is that it is so flexible, adjustable and customisable to individual need and requirement.

If you do want to use your chair for sports, getting out into nature or daily trips to town, just because lightweight wheelchairs are so adaptable, doesn’t mean they aren’t durable. We carry models that are specifically designed for outdoors and can withstand heavy use or rough terrain. There really is no need to be limited, whatever your mobility issues, there is a lightweight chair out there for you.

If you need support moving your chair, you can choose from our many different manoeuvrable models. These make it simple for a carer to help you, with comfort and ease for you both.

As well as our wide range of customisable lightweight wheelchairs, we also offer a range of accessories to complement them, including extra head rests, arm pads, backrest bags, drinks holders, foot straps, dinner trays, seat belts and travelling bags. Whatever you need to make life in your chair easier, we have it. We also sell spares, so you can keep your chair in tip top condition for longer.

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