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February 28, 2020 9:58 am
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At Karma Mobility we offer a wide range of modern wheelchairs. Arguably one of our more popular categories of wheelchair is our lightweight wheelchairs. Lightweight wheelchairs make it easy for our customers to regain their independence. Lightweight wheelchairs can make it simple for our clients to get around and can help their loved ones or carers feel more comfortable in everyday life. Many of our clients ask about the difference between lightweight and standard wheelchairs and may be surprised when they find out more.

Our ‘ultra’ lightweight wheelchairs are increasingly popular, due to their sleek design, and innovative features. Many individuals may believe that due to their ‘lightweight’ nature they may not be as durable, however, this is not the case. Our lightweight wheelchairs weigh as little as 8.5kg and compete amongst the lightest on the market.

Do you offer alternative forms of wheelchairs?

Yes! Our global and ever-expanding business offers more than just one model and has many others for you to investigate, including electric wheelchairs. In modern society, we understand how fast developments in modern technology can continually improve our products, which is why we are pleased to offer our clients a modern wheelchair alternative. Our electric wheelchairs are folding, which makes them even easier to transport, this can be ideal for loved ones, or carers.

If you’d rather, we also have self-propelled wheelchairs, as well as transit wheelchairs.

Give us a call

At Karma Mobility, we have many stores located across the United Kingdom. We understand that finding us can be difficult, which is why we offer our clients a store finder, this is located on our website. If you have entered your address and are still having difficulty, you can contact us directly, via our email, and telephone number. We understand that choosing a wheelchair for you or a relative can be a huge financial and time-consuming investment, which is why we are always ready to answer any of your queries or concerns.

The accessories and spares we provide

Our wheelchair accessories exemplify accurately the quality of wheelchairs we offer to our customers. Whether you are purchasing a new wheelchair from us, or already have one, we are always willing to offer our spares and accessories. A wheelchair, whether it be lightweight, or otherwise, is a key aspect of many users’ lives. We understand that a disabled user’s independence is extremely important to them, which is why it’s important to always be prepared, in case accidents do happen.

Many of our clients may be curious about the accessories we offer, but we are pleased to say that we provide a wide range, each of which is individual to all of our wheelchair models. If you are browsing our site, you can be sure to find everything, from oxygen bottles to brakes, and even a portable wheelchair bag (which can be a great addition!). Our wheelchairs are individually tested before they are placed on the market, and the durability of our accessories is no different. If you are interested in viewing our chairs or accessories, feel free to come and experience them yourself.

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