Public Relations


The most important social responsibility of a company is to serve the best interests of—— 1. clients, 2. employees, and 3. shareholders at the same time.


When customers are satisfied, it suggests that corporate resources are not misallocated.
When employees are satisfied, it suggests that working conditions and the environment are well protected.
When shareholders are satisfied, their passion for investing in the company can be sustained.

Each year KARMA Group conducts its global customer satisfaction study to better understand customer needs and improve its R&D and customer service.

Our responsibility for employee well-being starts with creating a healthy environment. For example, we focus on spacious workspaces, good ventilation, workplace safety, business travel insurance, etc.

We further cultivate a humanistic atmosphere, which is characterized by sharing, gratefulness, employee empowerment, rewarding innovation, and attention to details.

In addition, we hold a personal meeting with each employee once every 6 months to recognize their good work and listen to their suggestions and concerns. The expansion of our overseas operations provides additional opportunities for employee development and promotion.Combining various merit awards and a bonus system in every division, we have established a very rewarding profit sharing plan for employees. Karma management is also committed to providing high-end physical check-ups for employees in addition to their healthcare coverage, as an essential part of our corporate social responsibility.

For our shareholders, we do more than just ensure their reasonable profit. To maintain their reputations, we also strive to balance our impact on the environment for sustainable development.

In addition to the three major responsibilities described above, KARMA provides education in countries where mobility aid therapists are unavailable. We see it as our own duty and a critical part of corporate social responsibility to educate the retailers, buyers, and users so a wheelchair with perfect “Fit”can be selected according to the principles of medical engineering.

We insist that our sales teams around the world recommend wheelchairs based on “fit” rather than based on price.