【Ergo Lite】Nothing Will Hold Her Back!

When we first saw Amar Hong’s Instagram profile, we had to know who this stylish lady was!

“My grandma grew up in China during World war two. When she was 10 years old she was separated from her family and came to Thailand alone. She got a new name “Hong” from her neighbor who lived in Chinatown, Bangkok.

Amar and her family visiting Taiwan.

This year she turned 83 years old. She’s a hard worker and also kind to everyone. Last 9 years her knee has become painful and our family decided to buy the Karma Ergo Lite wheelchair because the material and the weight is very light to carry with one hand.

A trip to Japan!

Grandma and our family enjoy the trips everywhere we visit because the size and weight of it makes it easy to move from a car, airplane and any transportation.

Exploring Europe with the whole family.

In 2016, grandma had knee replacement surgery because she had bone to bone contact. But after surgery around 5 months, we had a long Europe trip for 22 days and that’s really fine. Grandma has wonderful times every trip, even in rain, slippery floor or hillside……everything is alright!!!”

-Ploy, Grandaughter

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