5 Top Wheelchair Accessories to Improve Your Mobility

If you’re a wheelchair user with a busy, active lifestyle then the chances are ease of mobility is your top concern in day-to-day life. Sometimes it can feel like you’re limited in what you’re able to do from the confines of your wheelchair, but choosing the right accessories can help diminish this feeling.

As specialists in the manufacturing of comfortable, adaptable wheelchairs, Karma Mobility are here to make that happen.

1) Lateral Support Backrest

Lateral Support Backrest

Lateral support backrests improve your comfort levels by allowing you to change your position in your chair, alleviating aches so that you feel happy and secure while moving.

They are most commonly used to increase wheelchair users’ trunk stability and balance as well as avoid damage to your posture. By investing in lateral support for your backrest, your mobility will be eased.

Our Lateral Support FSC kit 7/8″ cane mount crescent is the ideal accessory for your backrest, increasing your ability to control your comfort levels in your chair.

2) Backrest Bag

A backrest bag seems like a very basic wheelchair accessory to have, but it can be one of the smartest.

This incredibly useful accessory easily connects to the handles of manual wheelchairs, and provides plenty of storage space for all of the extras you need when you’re out and about. You can pack it with books, medical equipment, or your work laptop. It even has a pocket for your water bottle.

The fantastic thing about having a backrest bag is that you won’t need to carry it on your lap and can rest assured that it is safe and secure, therefore your mobility won’t be impacted by additional luggage.

3) Parallel Swing Away Joystick

One of the easiest ways to upgrade your wheelchair for mobility is to have a parallel swing away joystick fitted. Although joysticks are usually attached to powered wheelchairs, manual wheelchair users can likewise benefit from power add-on kits to make mobility easier.

Not only will you be relieved of manually pushing your wheelchair, joysticks allow you to turn your wheelchair with minimal hassle. This is particularly useful if you have limited mobility in your arms, have a condition that varies day-to-day, or live a busy life.

4) Lap Tray

Lap Tray

Lap trays might not seem like they aid mobility, but the truth is they can allow you to navigate life in a far simpler way. As much as we’d sometimes wish, eating outdoors isn’t always an accommodating activity for wheelchair users.

It can be difficult to eat whilst on the move, and picnic tables sometimes aren’t tall enough to allow a wheelchair under or have a bench in the way. Lap trays remove these obstacles by allowing you to still enjoy these activities with your own built in table.

Our lap tray can be attached to both manual and powered wheelchairs by secure velcro straps that wrap around your armrests. It even comes with a drink slot to hold your beverage in place while you move.

5) Adjustable Headrest

Whilst headrests come built into most powered wheelchair models, manual wheelchair users can sometimes suffer from the lack of one. But Karma Mobility’s Super Head Adjustable Headrest clips easily to the handles of your manual wheelchair to provide you with all the postural support you need.

Headrests are not only a necessity for maintaining your posture and reducing muscle strain in your neck and shoulders, they also allow for lower set backrests. This improves overall mobility by giving you the space to freely move your arms, and better control the motion of your chair.

Every wheelchair accessory and powerchair accessory from Karma Mobility is designed with your comfort and ease of life in mind. We are committed to improving your mobility and independence by creating wheelchairs that support, enlighten and enrich your existence, so that you can continue to live life to the fullest.

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