Personalising Your Wheelchair | Disabled Travel with Georgina

Hi, I’m Georgina, a 27 year old travel and inclusive wedding blogger from Disabled Travel with Georgina. As a disabled woman, my wheelchair is more than just my means of transport and my freedom; it becomes an extension of me and my personality. I love personalising my wheelchair so it showcases my fashion choices and it fits the occasion that I’m attending.

One of the easiest ways to personalise a wheelchair is to add something to the spokes of a self-propelling or manual chair. For example, sites such as Amazon or eBay sell multiple designs of plastic spoke clips that are originally designed for use on bikes. These are small plastic decorations, often in the shape of stars/ spheres/ hearts, and can add a great pop of colour to your spokes whilst being removable in minutes! The Ergo Live is KARMA’s active wheelchair which means it’s lightweight and comfortably adjustable as it’s mainly designed for a predominantly self-propelling user. You can remove the wheels on the Ergo Live in order to decorate it; perhaps even weaving long faux floral garlands in and out of the spokes. Picking garlands that alternate between greenery and flowers will give the wheel decorations a “fuller” look, perhaps for special events/weddings. Using darker colours rather than whites or creams will improve the longevity of the decoration since wheelchair wheels often churn up a lot of dirt, dust or mud when in use!

Ergo Live is KARMA’s lightweight and comfortable active wheelchair. 

I personally can only self-propel for short distances so also use my powered wheelchair a lot. If you are decorating a chair like KARMA’s EVO Altus then, in my opinion, you want to stand out as much as the chair itself can allow you to stand up! I would recommend weaving battery powered fairy lights along the rear of the chair backrest, feeding the on/ off switch back into the seating area or taping it to the armrest side so you can access this to turn the lights on. Lights are wonderful as they come in so many different designs and can be applicable for any users whether they’re going to a music festivals or just want to have fun or improve visibility on an evening dog walk! Another option with unlimited potential is hanging a personalised sign from your chair. This is really effective to showcase your personality or hobbies easily. Door hanging plaques can easily be sourced on the internet showing everything from inspirational quotes to cute pictures of you and your dog! Just be sure that you affix it to your wheelchair securely and it doesn’t affect the EVO Altus’ mechanism which lifts you from a seated to a standing position. I’ve also seen a variation of this with personalised number plates with everything from a bride-to-be’s new last name to joke number plates showcasing a wheelchair user’s celebrity crush (i.e. Mrs Andre for a Peter Andre fan). There are so many opportunities here!

EVO Altus is KARMA’s topline standing electic wheelchair.

Sometimes personalisations even improve the usability of your chair. I personally use specific wheelchair-friendly bags that either clip around my waist, are backpacks or are cross-shoulder. There are bountiful adaptive backpacks and bags online and some have highly personalised bright prints to suit every single outfit! Within KARMA’s accessory range, I love the cupholder as I find using any wheelchair hard with a drink in my hand (plus, I am highly clumsy, so a cupholder helps me minimise the risk of spilling coffee on my lap!).

No matter how you personalise your chair, it’s great to add a little of your lifestyle and personality into your wheelchair!

I’m Georgina, a 27 year old award-winning disabled travel and inclusive wedding blogger on my website Disabled Travel with Georgina and through Instagram. I am so blessed to have an amazing community across both channels with over total 67k followers who follow my antics and support each other in their own inclusive travel, planning and wedding detailing.

My own disability and sixteen chronic illnesses challenge me; I’m a PEGJ tube-fed full-time wheelchair user. These things absolutely bring a different dynamic to my life but I still strive to help others plan their own travel experiences and weddings, no matter where their symptoms place them on the vibrant spectrum of disability. Despite this, my blog has gained great strength such as recently a 2021 Shaw Trust Power 100 placement and featuring in international wedding magazines and sites.