Powered Wheelchairs: Keep Up With the Demands of Your Life

Limited mobility certainly shouldn’t result in a loss of independence, and here at KARMA Mobility we ensure that is the case. Indoors or outdoors, powered wheelchairs provide manoeuvrability to keep up with the demands of your life.

We understand that you want to get out and about, without the need of assistance from others. The powered wheelchairs are propelled with the aid of a battery-powered motor, allowing you to cover greater distances and a range of terrains. This means you can explore freely and independently.

Are powered wheelchairs suitable for me?

Powered wheelchairs are a suitable option for those that need to remain supported in their wheelchair throughout the day, or have restricted mobility in their hands or arms. Our powered and electric wheelchairs ensure comfort is at the forefront of design, so that you can relax into it throughout a long day. Additionally, our electric wheelchairs have soft-to-touch coverings allowing for greater comfort, there’s also the added ability to add a third-party backrest for complete support.

We know everyone has different needs, that’s why our powered wheelchairs can be customised bespokely to suit you,  we offer adjustable armrests, seat widths and joystick controller, along with a range of add-ons to support all lifestyles.

Folding electric wheelchairs

Folding electric wheelchairs offer greater independence and the ability to travel while being incredibly compact. Our folding powered wheelchairs are a fabulous option for those that enjoy getting out and about, or using public transport regularly.

Benefits of folding electric wheelchairs

  • Increased independence
  • Ability to travel without fatigue
  • Flexibility and maneuverability
  • Ability to handle on long journeys
  • Flip back height adjustable armrests for comfort
  • Quick release steering handle for ease

Powered mobility to suit you

You will find an extensive collection of powered wheelchairs and electric wheelchairs available in various sizes and specifications to suit your individual needs. Once chosen, our lightweight electric wheelchairs can be further customised with our comforting array of wheelchair accessories, so you feel fully supported in your new chair.

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