What Qualities Should The Best Wheelchairs For The Elderly Posses

Unfortunately, many of us will reach an age where we are no longer able to get around as easily as we once were. Many older people require some form of mobility aid to help them get out and about independently and, for many elderly people, this aid will become something they rely on daily. Thankfully, these days there are many different mobility aids on the market, so it will be easy for anyone who requires assistance to find something that meets their needs.

It isn’t uncommon for elderly people to choose a wheelchair as their mobility aid and there are numerous benefits to doing so. It goes without saying that a wheelchair really can make a huge difference to someone’s life if they’re not as strong on their feet anymore. Even if you have decided that a wheelchair is the right mobility aid, you still have plenty of different chairs to choose from. So, to help anyone trying to find the best wheelchairs for the elderly, below are a list of qualities to ensure the chair you purchase has.

Sturdy and reliably frame

When looking at the best wheelchairs for the elderly, you want to ensure that the user will feel safe when sitting in the chair. For this reason, always make sure that you check the maximum user weight and that the wheelchair is heavy-duty.

Remember though, just because a wheelchair is lightweight, or even ultra-lightweight, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t sturdy or reliable. Look more closely at the different brands on the market and how they make their chairs.

Easy to push or self propel 

Think about how the wheelchair user is going to be getting around in their chair and then ensure you’re choosing the best chair for their needs. For example, if they’re going to be self-propelling then ensure that this is easy to do so.

When taking this into consideration, look at things like the size of the wheels, the material of the handles and also the weight of the wheelchair too. If you think you’d like a wheelchair that can be used in more than one way, this is possible too.

Comfortable and supportive seat 

This is incredibly important, especially if the elderly person will be spending most of their time in their wheelchair when they’re out and about. If you’re able to, test the seat of the wheelchair before you purchase to ensure it is comfortable and supportive.

Many wheelchairs have different seat sizes too and you can sometimes add additional cushioning, so look into all of this. It is also beneficial to assess any backrests, neck rests, armrests and footplates too.

Easy to transport and store 

When you’re searching for the best wheelchair for the elderly, it is also beneficial to consider how easy the chair is to transport and store. For example, you need to ensure that if required, you can get the chair into a normal-sized car boot.

Many will opt for a foldable wheelchair and aside from the fact it is easy to transport and store, there are numerous reasons why this is a brilliant idea. If the user is going to need to fold the chair themselves, make sure they’re able to do so too.

Purchasing the best wheelchair for the elderly

Hopefully, the qualities mentioned above will help you to narrow down the many different types of wheelchairs currently on the market. You can then hand over your money in confidence knowing that you really have invested in one of the best wheelchairs for the elderly. Don’t be afraid to take your time when choosing the right wheelchair, you will thank yourself in the long run for not rushing when browsing the market for the best wheelchairs for the elderly.

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