The Benefits Of Foldable Wheelchairs

Whether you have been using a mobility aid for a while now but you think you’d benefit from a wheelchair or if a wheelchair is the first mobility aid that you’re going to buy, it can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to choosing the right chair. It goes without saying that if you’ve never purchased a wheelchair before, then the market can be quite confusing to navigate and there are so many different options to choose from. 

One specific type of wheelchair that works incredibly well for lots of people and is definitely worthwhile considering is a foldable wheelchair. This specific type of wheelchair has numerous benefits and they are the perfect choice for many. If you’re wondering whether a foldable wheelchair could be a good choice for you, keep reading today. Our team here at Karma Mobility have put together a list of reasons why foldable wheelchairs are a brilliant option. 

Every chair is flexible and foldable 

Of course, the main benefit of a foldable wheelchair is that you’re able to fold it. Many people are surprised just how flat wheelchairs can fold and they are incredibly flexible in this regard. Don’t worry, its ability to fold won’t compromise the safety of the user and when purchasing from a reputable supplier you’ll never need to question this. 

The fact that the chair is able to be folded has numerous benefits in itself and often once a wheelchair user has had a foldable chair there is no going back to a standard rigid chair. It goes without saying that this is a feature you won’t want to miss out on and it will make the transition to this type of mobility aid much easier. 

They are both easy to store and transport 

Due to the fact that the wheelchair can be folded down, it is so much easier to store when you’re not using it. Often, people don’t realise just how much space a rigid wheelchair can take-up and it can sometimes be difficult to find somewhere that you can tuck it out of the way when it isn’t in use. But, when it is foldable, this is never an issue. 

As well as being easy to store, this type of wheelchair is also much easier to transport too. You won’t need to invest in a new vehicle to be able to fit your wheelchair in, you can simply fold the chair into the boot of a standard car. This means that you’ll never have to miss out because of not being able to transport your new wheelchair.  

Lots of makes, models and designs to choose from

Many people would assume that because the wheelchair is foldable you are only able to choose from specific designs, but this simply isn’t the case. Nowadays you can choose between anything from self-propelled folding wheelchairs to electric foldable wheelchairs and everything in between. 

It doesn’t matter what your individual needs may be or what you’re looking for in your wheelchair, you will be able to find the perfect foldable wheelchair that meets your requirements. You will also have a choice of colours and styles too, so you won’t have to settle for something you don’t really like. 

Choosing a foldable wheelchair

It is clear to see that a foldable wheelchair is a great choice for anyone deciding on their first wheelchair. There are numerous benefits you can enjoy, which you simply don’t have with a rigid wheelchair. It goes without saying that you will thank yourself in the long run for choosing a chair that is so versatile. You can trust that in the vast range you have to choose from, there will be the perfect first wheelchair for you. 

When searching for a wheelchair, whether you choose foldable or rigid, visit the Karma Mobility website today. We stock a vast selection of wheelchairs that you can choose from, all of which are extensively tested and evaluated before being placed on the market, so you will never need to worry. If you have any questions at all about the wheelchairs on our site, please feel free to get in touch with our team, we will happily assist you further.