Choosing The Best Wheelchair Accessories

Many wheelchair users are unaware of just how many different accessories you can purchase for your chair these days. The wide range available is designed to not only make your life much easier and convenient but also make your wheelchair more comfortable. You can trust that there are various accessories available to make your current wheelchair more practical to handle your daily routine. 

If you don’t currently use any accessories on your wheelchair, but you’re curious as to whether anything on the market could be beneficial for you, keep reading today. The team here at Karma Mobility has put together a list of the most popular accessories that meet the needs of thousands of wheelchair users. 

Bag holders and additional bags 

This is probably the most popular type of accessory and nearly all wheelchair users already have either a bag holder attached to the bottom of their wheelchair or a backrest bag on the back of their chair. They make getting around independently with a handbag or shopping so much easier. Usually, you can also keep accessories like this on your wheelchair at all times, even if it is a small folding wheelchair, they should still be able to collapse as required. 

Headrests and back support 

Again, these accessories are incredibly popular and can make a huge difference to the comfort of the user. Effective back support should help the user to keep an upright, stable, and comfortable position, whereas a headrest can take any pressure off of their neck when they spend a long time in their chair. There is a wide variety of both of these accessories on the market, so you shouldn’t have any issues finding something that fits the current chair. 

Drink and cane holders 

These accessories are both incredibly easy to install and are a brilliant addition to any chair. The cane holder can also sometimes double up like an umbrella holder, so you’ll never have to worry about juggling an umbrella again. These accessories can both be really helpful to attach to lightweight travel wheelchairs, so if you’re out and about exploring by yourself, you will have everything you need in a convenient, easily accessible place.  

Push handle and brake extensions

If you propel your wheelchair yourself then brake extensions can prevent any struggle that you may have currently have with the current short brake, and if someone else pushes your chair then push handle extensions can help them. Many people tend to attach extended push handles onto ultra lightweight wheelchairs, they make it much more comfortable to push the user along and due to the fact that they aren’t heavy, you shouldn’t experience any issues at all. 

Seat belts and foot straps 

Lots of people have various additional belts and straps on their wheelchair, and seat belts or foot straps tend to be the most popular. They are often purchased by elderly users who feel more comfortable when they are strapped into their chair and with so many options to choose from, they are the perfect solution for everyone. Thankfully, these straps tend to be relatively inexpensive too so, making them budget-friendly for all users. 

Investing in accessories for your wheelchair 

There really are numerous different accessories on the market and you can guarantee that there is something available that meets your specific needs. You will be surprised just how much of a difference some of the items mentioned above can make to your everyday life and once you have invested in wheelchair accessories, there is no going back. 

If you’re searching for a reliable place to purchase your wheelchair accessories from, visit the Karma Mobility website today. We have a huge range of items for you to purchase for both self-propelled wheelchairs and also powered wheelchairs. Not only can we supply you with accessories, but we also have a range of spare parts for wheelchairs too, so you can trust that we will have everything that you may be searching for all in one place.