Our Wide Range of Lightweight Wheelchairs

Lightweight wheelchairs can give our clients the opportunity to gain back their independence. Our team understand that choosing the right wheelchair can make a huge difference to the life of both the wheelchair’s user and their carer. Individuals living with a disability may find it hard using a wheelchair that is heavy, and therefore immobile.

Our lightweight wheelchairs are perfect for clients who are manoeuvring around their home, (or even out and about in public). Our wheelchairs ensure our clients have as much control as possible, which is why we offer both self-propelled or manoeuvred wheelchairs, suitable for a loved one, or carer.

Having a mobile, lightweight wheelchair can make a huge improvement to our clients’ lives, our team have a huge passion for what they do and aim to deal with each case individually, and with a high level of professionalism.

How much are your lightweight wheelchairs?

At Karma Mobility, we understand that our clients’ needs vary greatly, which is why we offer a wide price range for our customers. Many of our clients may ask for a specific price range, for this reason, we enable our customers to alter the price limit on our website. Our website allows our clients to select a wheelchair for their specific needs, including the dimensions (in terms of seat width), as well as the wheelchair type. Our wheelchairs have a very reasonable starting price, making it easy for our clients to find something, whatever their financial position.

Let’s talk specifics

On our website, for our customers’ ease, we use a categorised system, meaning our customers can select the type of lightweight wheelchair they desire from prescription transit wheelchairs to lightweight self-propelled chairs.

We understand that each of our clients is different, varying disabilities means that each of our customers may look for different requirements in terms of their wheelchairs. Our many years of experience allow us to offer our clients different colour options, as well as varying weight restrictions. We are aware that our clients can have hectic lives, which is why we aim to make our process as simple and as quick as possible. Choosing a wheelchair can be a large financial investment, but our variables, such as colour, weight, crash testing, and dimensions, makes it easy to find the perfect chair for you.

Having a back-up

Despite our wheelchairs being tried and tested to ensure they stand the test of time. In life, you can never be too careful, which is why we offer our clients the option to purchase spares for their lightweight wheelchair. We are proud to say that our clients rely greatly on the lightweight wheelchairs we provide, we believe that independence is priceless, which is why we always suggest having spares, to ensure that mobility is always available for our clients. We offer our customers a wide range of spare equipment, from portable travelling bags, to brake handles, we have it all!

Thank you reading, and please be sure to head over the lightweight wheelchairs and electric wheelchairs sections of our website, to see what we can offer you.