Why Is Choosing the Perfect Lightweight Wheelchair So Important?

The choice in lightweight wheelchairs nationwide is influenced by three critical factors important to the user; maximum mobility, enhanced comfort and optimal functionality. Neglect to meet certain design criteria and a user may experience a few less-than-desirable outcomes, impose poor posture and restrict the ability to live independently, not to mention the extreme difficulties discomfort brings.

The purpose of lightweight wheelchairs nationwide is intended to enhance the quality of life for the user. Through overcoming mobility issues, a user can continue to enjoy the activities and social outings that bring them pleasure.

The design specifics of lightweight wheelchairs nationwide significantly affect user mobility, speed and handling. Also essential to choice are certain biochemical factors that one needs to be heedful of: a user’s weight and body shape.

Factors that impact wheelchair mobility and manageability

When deciding upon their choice of wheelchair, users should be mindful of a few factors that will improve mobility and manoeuvrability, especially when used outside. The following points are considered the most essential:

  1. Weight load distribution

The correct weight load pressure between front and rear wheels is useful to improve friction. Enhanced friction provides greater stability for the user although it does require slightly more energy to engage the wheelchair in the case of self-propelled wheelchairs.

  1. Finding the mass centre (centre of gravity)

Another impact on stability and manoeuvrability is making adjustments to locate the mass centre. This is the location where the weight of the wheelchair is most evenly distributed. Wheelchair designs may accommodate for this need of adjustments by making available a number of axle configurations a user can choose from. The ideal centre of gravity position can be found by manipulating the lever and axle plate system that is featured on many modern wheelchair designs.

  1. Considering the outside surface areas where the wheelchair is likely to be used

Will the wheelchair be mainly used indoors or outdoors? The answer to this question also has a bearing on the type of wheelchair chosen. External environments comprise of different types of terrain and a user will want a wheelchair that can be utilised on different surfaces without impeding its speed or manageability. Also important to bear in mind here are the sizes of the wheels. For instance, larger front wheels take better command of rougher terrain, as these offer  greater contact with the surface area.

  1. Features of wheelchair design

What are some of the most essential features that make up the design of a wheelchair that users should take note of when buying a wheelchair?  Firstly the size of the wheelchair is important as it will need to accommodate the user comfortably as well as make mobility practical. Next would be the type of materials (solid or air-filled) used in the design of the wheelchair’s wheels. The materials used, as well as size dimensions of the wheels, will relate to comfortable mobility on various terrains and friction or grip on the ground.

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