Need a Sturdy but Lightweight Wheelchair to Take On Holiday? Come to KARMA Mobility

Going on holiday soon? Need an easy way to get around with limited mobility?

Travelling can be a nightmare; making sure you have your passport, your sunscreen and most importantly, making sure you have an app on your phone to check the departure time of your flight or train. A bit of a headache!

When you have limited mobility, these can seem like somewhat trivial problems, as you have to ensure that any walking aid or chair you take on holiday is flexible, light, collapsible and most importantly, sturdy.

At KARMA Mobility, we understand that a holiday should be all about relaxing and recharging your batteries and are proud to offer you the perfect travel companion. We have a wide range of lightweight wheelchairs nationwide for you to choose from, making that upcoming holiday nothing to worry about.

But what are the benefits of taking one of our lightweight wheelchairs nationwide and beyond? Read on to find out!


When you are travelling, regardless of the distance, you will want a wheelchair that is collapsible, without the fuss of screwdrivers or deconstructing the chair.

A key advantage of choosing one of KARMA Mobility’s lightweight wheelchairs is that every single chair is fully collapsible, allowing for smooth transition and storage, whether you are on a plane or a train.

Collapsibility is also useful when you are at your hotel; just fold the chair down and put it neatly in the corner. No fiddling with nuts and bolts, no screwdriver required, just unfold it in the morning and you are ready to go!


Heavy duty wheelchairs, even those with batteries for easy steering, are rarely manoeuvrable and are heavy for either you, your friends, family or carer to push.

Lighter chairs have the added advantage of being easy to move through crowds and do not require a bodybuilder’s upper body strength to navigate, making them suitable for those who may be tired after a long day of sightseeing, or for those with reduced mobility in the arms and upper body.

Easy storage

For those who use wheelchairs, the idea of travelling with a chair is often a real concern.

When you are seated in your plane or train seat, will your wheelchair be blocking the aisle and causing a fuss to other passengers?

The lighter chairs we offer at KARMA Mobility are foldable and collapsible, making for easy and discreet storage in the limited space on a train or a plane. If you are driving cross-country, you can either put your chair in the car boot with ease, or simply have it on the seat next to you.


Worried that a lighter chair may not be able to handle your active lifestyle?

All of our chairs at KARMA Mobility are extremely sturdy and can support weights of up to 250 lbs (17.8 stone) or less, giving you plenty of room to carry those all too important souvenirs, without compromising the structural integrity of the chair.