What Is the Reason Behind Having a Lightweight Wheelchair

Some of us may think that because we benefit from having mobility assistance, we must take advantage of a wheelchair model that is available, whether it is ideally suited to our needs or not. This may have been the case several decades ago, however, in this day and age, we are blessed with a diverse range of options that allow us freedom like none before.

If you are not dependent on a wheelchair full time, you might be interested in lightweight wheelchairs as an option that blends both convenience and comfort, in order to allow you to use your mobility aid when suits you.

Heavy, cumbersome models have long been the popular and only option available to most, but lightweight wheelchairs have been created to adapt to the needs of a vastly growing number of people who will benefit from its advantages.

Who benefits from a lightweight model?

Modern life assumes that we do not have to miss out on what we want to do simply because there is a lack of innovation in allowing it to happen. Perhaps several decades ago, if an elderly or temporarily injured person found it difficult to stay up and around for extended periods of time, they were given the option of a standard wheelchair or simply told to rest up.

This meant that should they desire a wheelchair to get around, they would have needed to use special transportation to move their wheelchair around, making for a bothersome and cumbersome experience that potentially many would have decided against.

These days, a lightweight wheelchair can easily be folded up and stored in the boot of a car. This gives those people who are mobile, but feel secure in having an alternative option around should they become exhausted, freedom to push themselves that little bit more.

For example, the elderly, people who have been injured or those of you who have a temporary or minor disability can, therefore, benefit from having a wheelchair that suits your expectations. These models are easy to transport, lightweight to lift and non-obtrusive. It is there when you need it and can be easily put away when it is not.

What features do these models have?

Minimalism is key to creating a lightweight design, so therefore additional extras have been eliminated. Should these features be of a necessity to you, rest assured that many models are customizable so that you can create the perfect blend of comfort and useability to suit your individual tastes.

The main feature is the lightweight aluminium frame that is both durable while being easy to navigate and control. It is important to note that these models are self-propelling, therefore you should be able to have the upper body strength in order to be able to move around for a designated amount of time.

Karma Mobility find that many of our clients appreciate the simplicity of these lightweight models and that they are more capable of manipulating aluminium frames than others that are heavier. We urge you to try before you buy so that you can get a real feel for what it is you need from your mobility aid.