The Benefits of Using a Lightweight Wheelchair

We thought that by providing you with an article outlining some quick facts regarding a lightweight wheelchair, you will be better enabled to make an informed decision as to whether this style of chair will be suitable for you or not.

It can be somewhat overwhelming, when faced with the options that are available, to an individual who is looking for some kind of mobility assistance, so by detailing what it is you are looking for, you are able to narrow down your search in order to quickly and easily find a chair that is perfectly suited to you.

A lightweight wheelchair has many benefits over heavier models, for those people who are looking for a chair that is easy to use, easy to transport, and quite easy to obtain. Those who have temporary injuries, or are finding that it is getting harder to move around because of age, may discover that these chairs allow daily tasks to become that much more simple.

Weighing around 10 kgs, with folding options a little heavier due to the additional need for these mechanisms, these models are about half the weight of more traditional wheelchairs that offer similar features. Being made of strong, yet very light, aluminium, or even titanium, gives these chairs that edge above other styles that are on the market today.

What options do I have to consider?

You are able to customise your wheelchair in most instances, allowing you to add arm rests or head rests for additional comfort. Many of the standard styles are without comfortable features such as these, in order to reduce bulkiness and weight. If you are concerned about comfort, you may wish to trial your wheelchair prior to committing, to make sure that additional padding on the seat is not a preference.

Lighter models may not be able to be folded, meaning that they cannot be stored in tight spaces or packed away in the car. This is because the mechanism that allows the chair to fold away adds weight to the overall chair. This balance between usability and lightness needs to be considered.

These modern chairs are so well built, they are guaranteed to last, as there is no sacrifice on their sturdiness and durability. Maneuverability of these chairs are similarly of a high quality and, as there is less weight for users to push around, they are much easier to control and manipulate than other models as well.

Deciding on what is important for you is key in obtaining a wheelchair that is able to meet your needs in the best possible way. These models of wheelchair are great in the fact that they are quite readily customisable, meaning that you can add or take away a feature, so you can create a unique chair that is perfectly suited to you.

It is best to speak with a professional, and gain some invaluable advice, before deciding on what kind of chair will be suitable for you. You also need to ensure that you try the model and are correctly fitted, so that you are easily able to reach the handrims and foot rests, and feel comfortable when sitting down and standing back up again.