Why choose us? What makes Karma Mobility different from other wheelchair distributors?

At Karma Mobility, we have over 30 years of providing our customers with high quality wheelchairs, initially starting out with the aim of making aluminium wheelchairs. Today, we distribute wheelchairs worldwide and even work with the NHS, providing patients in numerous settings with different needs, high quality chairs.

We distribute many different types of wheelchair and are able to offer our most popular wheelchair, the lightweight wheelchair, nationwide to more people than any other wheelchair distributors.

But our experience supplying lightweight wheelchairs nationwide is not the only reason you should choose us for your next wheelchair.

Extensive safety testing

When you have a wheelchair from us, you can rest assured that it has undergone rigorous safety testing, making it suitable for people in a wide variety of settings; from nursing homes to their own homes. We sell lightweight wheelchairs nationwide and as this is our most popular chair, we want to ensure that it will stand the test of time as well as extensive daily usage while also being easy to fold down and store without issue.

Warranty and aftercare

As we aim to provide our customers, their carers and the healthcare provider we supply with our chairs with the best possible experience, we are able to offer extensive aftercare. Along with competitive prices, we also offer warranties. If your wheelchair breaks, we will happily replace it for you or repair your chair.

If you are having any issues with any of the chairs, we have supplied you with, please contact us.

Personalised chairs

At Karma Mobility, we are aware that those who use our wheelchairs are a diverse clientele. We know our customers range from those with mild mobility restrictions, to those with more advanced mobility restrictions who may also have carers. As we are able to cater for people of all ages and of all mobilities, we can offer our customers personalisation of our chairs to match the configurations of our users and their carers.

We can also offer wheelchair accessories that can maximise the function of the chair, while also allowing your personality to shine through. If you want additional features like an adjustable headrest, additional pillows or even a cup holder, we can put them on your chair.

British Healthcare Trade Association

Karma Mobility are proud members of the British Healthcare Trade Association, which is one of the UK’s oldest and largest healthcare associations. We abide by their code of practice, which ensures that all of our customers receive the advice and guidance they need to maintain their independence for as long as possible. We are professionally trained to provide assessments, to determine which wheelchair suits you, or the one you care for, best. We also do not engage in high pressure sales and will only offer a wheelchair if we truly feel it is the most suitable for your needs.

We are proud of the standards of our products and always provide high levels of customer service.