Want to personalise your wheelchair? Accessories we offer at Karma Mobility

Whether you are new to using a wheelchair or not, it is important to put your mark on it, especially if you use it every day, this will make it more specific to your needs and allow you to express yourself at the same time.  At Karma Mobility, we offer a wide range of chairs, like our lightweight wheelchair, nationwide but we also want you to be happy about not only the chair you pick, but how you make it yours!

In the past, wheelchairs and other forms of mobility devices have received a negative press from many people, often relegated alongside other areas of medical equipment. We, however, prefer to view them as tools for helping you live your life and can offer you a wide array of accessories for every type of chair. From electric to lightweight wheelchairs, nationwide, we have accessories to fit them all.

Why you should accessorise

Often, when one hears the word ‘accessories’, they imagine a bracelet or a belt to pull an outfit together. When we talk about accessorise, we mean adding things to your wheelchair to show the world your personality and to make it more suitable for your needs.

As we sell a wide range of different chairs, we are able to offer a wide range of accessories to help you use your chair and gain more independence. While some of our chairs are renowned for coming with certain accessories already fitted, like our lightweight chairs, nationwide, we want you to gain the most out of your wheelchair, so if your mobility needs have changed or you are finding things too difficult in your current chair, accessories can help.

What kind of accessories should I pick?

There are some key things that our accessories are targeted to do, such as holding drinks, allowing you to feel additional comfort and even extra storage space, so depending on how much you use your chair and what you use it for, we have something to suit everyone.

Our more popular wheelchair accessories include the following items, but there are more available.

Adjustable headrest perfect for adding that extra cushioning to your head and neck, this also helps you remain comfortable during medical check-ups and is a great way to prevent migraines and headaches.

Drink holder –  are you on the go a lot? This offers a convenient way to store your drink and is easily attached to your wheelchair.

Dinner tray –  if you are very reliant on your wheelchair, you may find it difficult to eat food in your home or in a restaurant, this offers the perfect solution and is easily attached and detached for convenient storage.

Backrest bag designed more for those who have carers, this bag attaches to the back of your wheelchair and offers a convenient place for storage, documents or your bank cards. You can even purchase a lockable backrest bag to ensure that all of your possessions remain safe, when you are out and about in town.

So if you are looking to personalise your wheelchair come and see us at Karma Mobility.