Need a new set of wheels? A guide to buying a new wheelchair from Karma Mobility

When you need to buy a wheelchair for yourself or a loved one, there is a fair amount of information to consider before you commit to one chair.

Depending on why you need a wheelchair, you may find that it can be difficult to pick one as many, at first glance, may seem the same. However, at Karma Mobility, we are renowned for our selection of wheelchairs, and sell everything from self- propelled to lightweight wheelchairs nationwide.

So, what should be on your shortlist of considerations for your or your loved one’s wheelchair?

Weight of the chair

If you are buying the wheelchair for someone you care for and are responsible for pushing it around, you don’t want to invest in a heavy chair. Karma Mobility offer a wide range of lightweight wheelchairs nationwide and can offer advice to carers about ways to push wheelchairs to minimise strain and muscle damage.

On the other hand, if the wheelchair is for yourself, you may not want to move around in a heavy chair, let alone have to fold a bulky one up every day. If your mobility is limited, Karma Mobility also offers the lightest electric wheelchairs nationwide and can advise you on the best one to suit your needs.

Self-propelled or not?

An obvious benefit to a self-propelled wheelchair is that it offers more independence to the user. However, many users of these chairs also report that they are more comfortable, due to the wider spacing between the back wheels.

Also, if you find pushing or pulling strenuous, there is the option of the lightweight, self-propelled wheelchairs; lighter to move and lighter to assemble. Remember, choosing a lighter chair may also benefit your carer if you have one, but it is ultimately your decision.

Frequency of use

Although the image is of people constantly using their wheelchairs, this can be a fallacy as many users know. If you will only need your wheelchair for long days out, it may be wiser to invest in a lighter, foldable model.

However, for everyday use, you may want to pick a chair that offers more comfort and has additional features like cushions, adjustable arm and leg rests. Also, depending on your weight you may need to invest in a chair that is sturdier, not doing so could prove dangerous and could invalidate your warranty early.

Features of the chair

If you have a crutch, there are chairs that can be adapted to fit a crutch holder. Do you require a cup holder for those dashes to the coffee shop? Those can be fitted too! If you are often out and about, you may need a weatherproof cover for rainy days, to keep you dry. In a similar vein, anti UV umbrellas can be attached for those hotter days, to keep you cool.

Whatever your wheelchair needs are, come to Karma Mobility to pick your dream chair, it could make all the difference.