What is a lightweight wheelchair?

The purpose of a wheelchair is to increase the mobility of any person who has restricted movement. It can be for temporary or permanent use, it can be used sparingly or constantly, depending on each person’s situation.

There are several forms of wheelchairs that are available and depending on a person’s lifestyle, health and desires, each model has its benefits that will ultimately be a deciding factor on what type a person wishes to purchase and use.

Lightweight wheelchairs nationwide are made so that they are easy to handle and transport from place to place. They can easily be picked up and stored away in the back of a car or in a cupboard. This is great for those people who need their chair to help them get around sparingly, or have an active lifestyle and enjoy moving around a lot.

Another benefit of using these lighter models is that they are often easier to propel. Giving them that much more speed, manoeuvrability and comfort.

Who should use one of these models?

As we have previously mentioned, people use wheelchairs for a vast number of reasons. You certainly do not have to be permanently disabled to benefit from their use. Older people who find it difficult to walk long distances but can easily get about at home can definitely benefit from a model that is easy to lift, can be stored away but is there when you need it.

In some cases, having a wheelchair can improve an individual’s independence. As our models are easy to lift, older or frail people will not need the assistance of a nurse or caregiver in allowing them to get out and about on their own. For people who are experiencing a temporary injury or still have some use of their limbs will find that a lightweight wheelchair can be of great advantage to them.

What are some requirements of the best wheelchairs available?

A wheelchair really does need to fit the person who is using it. That means that chairs come in different sizes and that the person who it is intended for needs to try it out to make sure that they are comfortable in the chair and can reach the handrims and get in and out of it easily.

Lighter models tend to be smaller than standard wheelchairs with a seat width of 16 to 18 inches, rather than the normalized 20 inches. The height of the seat needs to be considered as well. If you are able to get in and out of your chair then we suggest that you look for a model that has a lower seat height.

However, if you need to use the leg rests, then a higher height may be more preferable. An adjustable seat would provide you with the best of both worlds. It should also be noted that all wheelchairs have weight limits. Lighter models usually hold less weight than the more traditional models.

By discussing your personal situation with a retailer or nurse, they will be able to provide you with some information regarding what model would be best for you.


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