How can a wheelchair give you independence?

Over the past few decades, wheelchair usage has increased considerably, since more and more options became available for disabled people or those who need to use a wheelchair as part of their recovery. Innovations in wheelchair technology have enabled more people than ever before to enjoy an independent life as a wheelchair user.

Karma Mobility lightweight wheelchairs are designed to provide function and independence. Wheelchair users often have to face many restrictions on a day to day basis, from gaining access to buildings to getting on public transport.

How can a lightweight wheelchair help?

If you feel that you are limited to staying at home because of your mobility issues, it’s time to explore getting a lightweight wheelchair. This has the potential to give you better control of your movement, easier accessibility indoors and outdoors and the ability to pursue all of your interests. Karma Mobility lightweight wheelchairs mean you can get involved in more physical activities, while ensuring that you stay safe.

Ways to gain your independence

Depending on your disability, you may be able to use your car to get around, if you modify it accordingly. If this is not possible, you can invest in a high-quality lightweight wheelchair, such as those supplied by Karma Mobility, which will provide ease in travelling on public transport. Our lightweight wheelchairs are easy to store, whether you’re getting on a plane or a train.

Another thing to consider is exercise. Being a wheelchair user doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the adrenaline rush of exercise and enjoy the benefits of staying fit and healthy. Your doctor will recommend the best types of exercises for you to do at home to strengthen your body and allow you to become more independent when moving around in your wheelchair.

Last but not least, it’s important to adapt your living environment to your mobility needs. For example, shifting furniture out of the way to create a clearer passageway to manoeuvre your wheelchair at home and making sure things you use often are stored at an easily accessible height when you are seated in your wheelchair.

Follow these tips and life with your wheelchair will be a far more independent one.


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