Cooking in a wheelchair – is it possible?

Cooking while being in a wheelchair may sound tricky, especially if your home is not adapted to your current circumstances. Moving things around and reaching items from cupboards can be challenging, but it doesn’t mean that you should say goodbye to homemade cooking.

Here are a few adaptive cooking tips and how you can make the most of the situation while moving around with the help of a Karma mobility lightweight wheelchair.

Lap desks

Contrary to popular belief, lap desks aren’t just for writing – they can be used for so many things and they are a great helper in the kitchen if you have mobility issues. Lap desks act as a stable surface for wheelchair users, creating a barrier that will protect your clothing against spills. Lap desks can also be used to carry things from one place to the other easily.

Don’t use bulky containers

If your containers are large and bulky, you should consider switching to smaller ones. Small containers are easy to move around, can be carried easily and are more accessible. Next time you shop for kitchen accessories, have a look for small and practical containers.

Use liners in your cupboards

To make sure that things stay put in the cupboards, use drawer liners. Keeping your supplies in place without them moving around every time you need to pick something from a cupboard, will make cooking a much easier task.

Consider a self-propel lightweight wheelchair

At Karma Mobility, you can find self-propelled lightweight wheelchairs that allow you to move in and out of your seat easily and safely. Karma Mobility lightweight wheelchairs are very sturdy and comfortable and will help you with cooking and other activities immensely. Why not achieve independence and make your life much easier?

Consider adapting your kitchen

Making small or larger adjustments to your kitchen to accommodate your mobility needs is worth considering, especially if cooking is a very important part of your daily life. For instance, it’s really important to have plenty of space to move your wheelchair and have storage that’s easily accessible.

Want to learn more about lightweight wheelchairs and how they can improve your quality of life? Visit our website and find your nearest Karma Mobility dealer today.


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