Which mobility aid is right for you?

If you have problems with your mobility or cannot walk very far at all, you may feel that you are very alone with this issue. You are not though and you do not have to let your mobility issues isolate you. You can still lead a varied and active life when you get the mobility aid that’s right for you. Everyone’s needs are different, so the first step is to clarify what yours are. The next is to get the aid that meets these needs.

If you need a wheelchair, you have the choice of a number of options. If getting around includes being able to move over uneven ground and travel longer distances, you might need to get a powerchair. If you are big into playing sport, you can get specially designed sports wheelchairs. But there is still the issue of moving inside your home and going short distances. You may also want to be able to propel yourself in your wheelchair and for it to be easily lifted and stowed in a car. In this case, one big consideration is how much the chair weighs. At Karma Mobility, we supply the UK with lightweight wheelchairs to meet all these needs.

Choosing lightweight wheelchairs

After you’ve thought about your needs and decided that lightweight wheelchairs are the way to go, you need to think about what you’re going to do with it:

  • Do you want to fold your chair because you only use it some of the time or to put it in the car? Not all lightweight wheelchairs are foldable.
  • Who is going to put the chair into the car? If it’s you, you probably want it to be as light as possible.
  • Do you want shock absorbers to protect tender parts of your body as you go over rough terrain? Loss of mobility usually comes as a result of illness or injury.

There are various ways that lightweight wheelchairs can be customised to meet your lifestyles needs. To get exactly what you need, it’s best to have a good long chat with an experienced dealer, perhaps on the phone first and then in person when you go to try out some lightweight wheelchairs.


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