Facing the world in a lightweight wheelchair

Once you have addressed or planned any adaptations you need to make to your home, you can turn your attention to the outside world. Although some people choose to use a powered wheelchair for long journeys or those that take place over uneven terrain, there are still plenty of trips that are well-suited to lightweight wheelchairs.

Karma Mobility are one of the UK and Ireland’s leading suppliers of lightweight wheelchairs. We have many suppliers throughout the region, so you can visit someone local in order to test our products. We have provided wheelchairs for the NHS, so you know we are trusted by medical professionals. All of this makes us a great choice when you are planning on facing the world in lightweight wheelchairs.


Perhaps the primary consideration when people are out and about in lightweight wheelchairs is the terrain. A high kerb or bumpy ground can seem innocuous until you have to self-propel yourself over it. It’s worth knowing your route in advance so you are sure of what you will face. The first time you go somewhere, perhaps ask a friend to come with you in order to ensure that you have help if you need it. Plan a route that takes you past dropped kerbs and avoids any steep inclines.


Many people need to take their lightweight wheelchairs out with them to get around when they go to the shops, on a visit or just for a day out. This means that they need to be able to transport their chair.

Buses are required to give priority to wheelchair users when it comes to the space at the front of the bus. You can have your chair here without having to get yourself out of it and fold it down.

Trains may take a little more planning as you need to know that the station is step-free and that a member of station staff is going to be on hand to put a ramp in place to enable you to get on and off of the train.

Many forms of transportation require you to do a little research ahead of time and perhaps speak to a liaison contact to help plan your journey.


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