Getting your first lightweight wheelchair

When you first realise that you are going to need a lightweight wheelchair, there can be a lot to process. You may have known that the moment was coming for a long time or it might be something more sudden. Either way, it’s time to lean on the support of professional like your healthcare provider as well as high-quality equipment, like lightweight wheelchairs from Karma Mobility, to help you get moving.

At Karma Mobility, we firmly believe that it is possible to live a full life while using a mobility aid. It’s all about choosing the right products for your needs. Your healthcare adviser can help you understand the kind of support that you need including any additional features that are particular to your needs.

Paying for lightweight wheelchairs

When you are choosing lightweight wheelchairs, it is great if you are free to make the selection that is right for you, rather than being too constrained by factors like budget. You may be eligible for funding to help you buy a wheelchair that is suitable for you needs as well as for adaptation to your home. Check the internet and ask your GP for any leads and make any applications that seem suitable. It never hurts to check, and you could end up with the financial support you need to make life easier.

In any case, Karma Mobility have an extensive selection, so you can look at models that meet any criteria you have.

Assessing your needs when it comes to lightweight wheelchairs

These are some of the questions that you might need to ask yourself when you are considering buying your lightweight wheelchair:

  • How much space do I have? This is in regard to the amount of space you have to manoeuvre in your home as well as any storage space that you have;
  • Where do I want to go in my wheelchair? Consider the terrain as well as the distance as these can make a difference to your choice;
  • Will I be travelling with my lightweight wheelchair? There are many models which fold down so that they can be stowed in a car, train or aeroplane so that you can still travel freely.


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