Choosing lightweight wheelchairs

When choosing lightweight wheelchairs, it’s great to have a clear idea of your needs as everyone is different. You can select a mobility aid that closely meets your requirements so that it supports your life rather than becoming a hindrance.

When you choose lightweight wheelchairs from Karma Mobility, you have a wide range to look through so that you can find the one that most closely meets your criteria. We have stockists all over the UK, so you can also visit a showroom and try out your choice as well as get the advice of a professional supplier.

Below we explore some of the criteria that need to be on your list when you are choosing lightweight wheelchairs from Karma Mobility.


Lightweight wheelchairs need to feel comfortable in order to encourage you to use them. You want to ensure that you don’t end up uncomfortable, no matter how much time you spend using your mobility aid. Accessories, such as cushions and back supports, are available so that you can make small adjustments once you have the right chair.


When you are thinking about how you will use your lightweight wheelchair, consider how much you want to transport it from one place to another. Is it important that it is light? Does it need to fit into a particular space so that you can transport it? Take any measurements you have to your local stockist so that you can check for a perfect fit.


Of course, it doesn’t matter which chair you choose, you want it to last. You may wish to choose a model with extra features, however, such as wider tyres or a solid frame if you want to put your mobility aid to daily, heavy use. If you are going to be an infrequent user and you would prefer to be able to fold and stow your wheelchair, this is also a factor to consider.


Once you have a detailed idea of the practical considerations that need addressing when you are choosing your lightweight wheelchair, you can turn your thoughts to style. At Karma Mobility, we have plenty of accessories and add-ons that ensure you can customise your mobility aid to your satisfaction.



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