Adaptable and dependable

The lightweight wheelchairs we supply at Karma Mobility end up with all different kinds of people:

  • older people who aren’t as mobile as they used to be may have one tucked away in a cupboard, ready to spring into action if they are going out for a long day
  • busy commuters who need a mobility aid they can easily fold up and stash in the car that is also easy to unfold the other side often make lightweight wheelchairs their chair of choice
  • sporty folk who want something manoeuvrable for getting around the rugby pitch or basketball court find adapted lightweight wheelchairs do the job
  • post-op patients with a leg in a cast or otherwise temporarily out of action also find lightweight wheelchairs a great help.

Lightweight wheelchairs can adapt to a variety of needs and situations. For example, a user may mostly self-propel their chair and enjoy the exercise they get from this. However, over long journeys, or on a day when they don’t feel so great, there’s the option for a friend, family member or carer to push the chair for them. They can add accessories such as extended push handles to make it easier for someone else to manoeuvre the chair.

All Karma Mobility wheelchairs can be accessorised, customised and configured to your specifications. Tell your Karma Mobility dealer what you’d like your chair to do, and, chances are, they’ll be able to find a way to help.

So, where can you find Karma Mobility-supplied lightweight wheelchairs? Our stock goes to the NHS as well as a number of mobility aid retailers in the UK and Ireland. Our chairs are all thoroughly tested and reviewed before we send them out to market. We are ISO 90001 registered, the international standard for quality management. This is a mark of excellence that we aim to live up to in all that we do, both for our products and customer service.

And we don’t just supply the chairs and that’s where the relationship ends. We offer after sales care in the form of a warranty service, giving you peace of mind that your chair will stand the test of time.


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