Visiting and socialising, with lightweight wheelchairs

Lightweight wheelchairs are adaptable and portable, so they are ideal for getting around. They fit through most standard doorways and do not take up quite as much space as their electronic counterparts. For all these reasons and more, lightweight wheelchairs allow people to get out and about and enjoy a full life.

At Karma Mobility, we believe that your choice of activities should be determined by your preferences and not by any limitations caused by your mobility aid. That’s why we have put together this mini-guide to visiting and socialising, with lightweight wheelchairs.


Many people choose to work with lightweight wheelchairs because they are relatively easy to transport. Whether you are going by car, bus, plane or train, you can take your mobility aid with you. Accessing some of these may require a little planning or adaptation to your vehicle.


It can be stressful to rely on ad hoc support during your journey or at an event. If you need to, ensure that you call ahead to transport providers and people from the venue so that you can give yourself the best chance of having your needs met.

Some people prefer to ask someone to accompany them for the day, so they know they have all the assistance that they need. Remember that looking out for each other isn’t a chore for most people and it’s ok to ask for help.


Many venues have accessibility information on their website. Modern buildings and some older ones are required to provide access for those with mobility issues. However, there are venues where this isn’t possible, and they are exempt from this legislation. If you can’t see any information on the website, call ahead and check for stairs, lifts and so on. It may be that you need to use a different entrance, or you may have access to special parking areas.

You can also check whether you have access to hygiene facilities. You may find that you need to bring a radar key with you to access the disabled toilet. Most venues will have their own key, but these do tend to go missing as people forget to return them.



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