Exercising made easy with lightweight wheelchairs

When choosing a wheelchair, ease of use and what it can offer you in terms of independence will be high on the agenda. Self-propelling lightweight wheelchairs offer much of this independence, making getting in and out of your car easier and moving around town more fluid.

At Karma Mobility, we supply a range of light weight wheelchair options that are great for self-propulsion, providing you with the right tools for a full and active lifestyle. Made from aluminium, some of the chairs weigh  as little as 8.5kg, allowing ease of use.

Using self-propelling models, however, can cause stress on your body and they require a certain level of fitness. They are great for keeping you healthy, building muscle and cardio vascular strength. The NHS recommends 150 minutes a week of cardio vascular exercise, and strengthening exercises at least twice a week.

Lightweight wheelchairs can make certain cardio vascular exercises possible, such as wheelchair sprints in a studio or at a track, wheelchair exercise programmes and a variety of sports such as badminton, basketball and netball. Rowing machines specially adapted for wheelchairs allow you to work shoulder and back muscles, whilst swimming can offer your back support and help relieve any build-up of tension.

Strengthening exercises are also important, because the motion of pushing the chair can create stress in the chest and shoulder muscles, whilst the muscles in the back can become weakened due to lack of use. By using resistance bands at home, you can build up the smaller muscles in your lower back and strengthen the muscles in your shoulders. In addition, if you do like the gym, studios that are fully adapted for wheelchair use can allow you to have a great workout that will strengthen your back and stretch out tension.

With the accessories available for your lightweight wheelchair, going to the gym, the pool or joining a netball team becomes easier, with chair bags to hold your swimming kit and water holders for your water. If you would like to find out what benefits ultra-light and lightweight wheelchairs can offer you, search for your local Karma Mobility stockist using our online Find a Store tool.



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