Getting the right wheelchair to suit your lifestyle

If you have mobility issues, you’ll know how important it is to have a comfortable wheelchair that works with your needs and enhances your lifestyle. When choosing a chair, it’s important to work out how you will use it and therefore what you will need. Lightweight wheelchairs are a great option thanks to the range of styles, types and accessories available. So, what’s on offer and where can you purchase them from?

About Karma Mobility

Karma Mobility supplies a huge range of lightweight wheelchairs across the country. We believe in quality and great customer service. We make sure wheelchairs developed by our production company Karma Medical are thoroughly tested and come with warranties. You can search all of our products online and, using our handy Where to Buy tool, you can locate your local supplier. With this in mind, you’ll want a taste of the great range available.

Ultra-lightweight, offering you incredible flexibility

Ultra-lightweight wheelchairs are a great option because they are so easy to use. Whether your self-propelling or requiring transit assistance, these incredibly strong chairs weigh as little as 8.5kg, making your sure your day flows as you glide along.

Lightweight transit wheelchairs with S-shaped seating design

We offer a range of lightweight transit wheelchairs that ensure that when you need to move from one location to another, your carer is also taken care of. Since they are very light weight, they are easy to push. We also have your comfort in mind with a built-in ergonomic S-shaped seat design available for most models. The S-shape fits into your back, giving you support and providing comfort. This innovative seat design isn’t just offered on transit lightweight wheelchairs. To find out your options either search on-line or call into your local supplier for further details.

Lightweight self-propelling wheelchairs

Much like the transit version, the self-propelling wheelchair is comfortable and practical. It’s designed to pack down quickly and efficiently, making getting in and out of cars easy.

With Karma Mobility, we want to offer you the best of service when purchasing your lightweight wheelchair, from clear information on our website through to aftercare with our comprehensive warranties and customer service.


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