Moving around with a lightweight wheelchair: pros and cons

Lightweight wheelchairs are very practical and offer patients and carers with a wide range of advantages. Because of their lightweight design, they can make everyday chores easier and quicker.

At Karma Mobility, we appreciate that not all people with disabilities wish to invest in bulky, powerchairs. Wheelchair design is very important in helping a disabled person move around, therefore we provide a comprehensive range of lightweight wheelchairs, whose benefits outnumber any perceived drawbacks.

Lightweight chairs are light and portable

Depending on the model you go for, lightweight wheelchairs are designed to be less heavy and more portable than powerchairs. They can weigh anywhere from 6 to 15 kilograms depending on the model. Since they are made of light aluminium, they are sturdy and easy to use at the same time, making transportation smooth.

Lightweight wheelchairs are easier to transport

Travelling has become a much easier activity for disabled people and now an increasing number of people are travelling with wheelchairs on planes, trains and boats. Wheelchairs are now easier to carry and more manoeuvrable in confined spaces, without compromising on performance.

A lightweight wheelchair can be personalised

Another great feature of Karma Mobility lightweight wheelchairs is that they can be customised to fit each patient’s individual needs. For comfort users can opt for add-ons such as head and arm rests and for practicality attachable bags for storage. Being customisable allows you to create your own, ideal wheelchair.

Other considerations

Lightweight wheelchairs are manual and some people may find the physical exertion too much for their build, especially on longer journeys. This can be especially true on bumpy, hilly or irregular terrain. It is therefore worth considering what kinds of activities you fill your time with and whether this kind of wheelchair will fit into your lifestyle. Perhaps you will need one type of wheelchair for home use and one for when you are out and about.

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