Maintaining your lightweight wheelchair

Keeping your lightweight wheelchair maintained is important for the performance and safety of your equipment. And while you should always trust a specialist for major maintenance, there are some things you can do on your own to ensure that you wheelchair remains in optimal condition.

Karma Mobility is one of the largest suppliers of wheelchairs in the UK and has earned an excellent reputation in product quality and safety since 1999. All of our wheelchairs are safe, sturdy and extensively tested and evaluated before they are placed on the market. Our lightweight wheelchairs, in particular, are a great long-term investment, especially when they are carefully maintained.

How often should I check my wheelchair for problems?

Good quality lightweight wheelchairs, such as Karma Mobility wheelchairs, should remain strong and sturdy for longer compared to poor quality wheelchairs. However, maintenance depends on two important factors – the model of the wheelchair and the type of use it is subjected to on a daily basis.

More specifically, tyre pressure and brakes should be examined monthly. If you feel that the moving parts such as the back rest, the head rest and the arm rests are not properly functioning, you should contact the manufacturer since it is possible that these parts are faulty. Lightweight wheelchairs also require an annual (or bi-annual) check by an authorised supplier to ensure that everything works fine. If repairs are required, you can come to Karma Mobility and we will make sure that we have all the right parts.

Basic things you can do on a daily basis

When you buy a wheelchair, you will receive a maintenance booklet where you can read about specific things you can do to keep your wheelchair in optimal condition. Cleaning the frame of your wheelchair with a mild detergent is recommended, especially if you are spending a lot of hours on it. If in doubt, check our guidelines. If you plan to store your wheelchair for a prolonged period of time, keep it somewhere dry and out of the sun at room temperature. When you are ready to use it again, you should opt for a complete maintenance check.


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