Lightweight wheelchairs – picking the right one for you

Nowadays, people with mobility issues can get around as quickly as anyone else with the help of wheelchairs. Modern wheelchairs are safe, sturdy, lightweight and allow people to access work and travel outside the home easily without the need to be constantly supervised by a carer.

Karma Mobility is the UK’s leading wheelchair sale specialists. Whether you had an accident and you require a temporary wheelchair or you are looking into your next wheelchair investment, we are here to help you choose from a wide variety of models. Lightweight wheelchairs, in particular, are very comfortable and can help you achieve maximum movement and independence. Moreover, they are ideal for long-distance travelling.

Choosing the right lightweight wheelchair

If you are in the market for a lightweight wheelchair, you should consider the following criteria:

  • Supplier
  • Warranty
  • Use
  • Comfort
  • Fit
  • Weight
  • Price.

Karma Mobility is a reliable seller and the exclusive UK agent of Karma lightweight wheelchairs, powerchairs and wheelchair accessories. All of our lightweight wheelchairs have a manufacturer’s warranty and we are happy to fix or replace the wheelchair you have purchased from us if it is faulty. If the wheelchair you are after is particularly expensive, it might be worth insuring.

Another thing to consider when choosing a lightweight wheelchair is the use you expect to get out of it. Keeping up with your lifestyle is important and you need to consider things like the terrain you are travelling on and whether you will be using your wheelchair on a daily basis.

It goes without saying that fit and comfort are really important when it comes to picking the right lightweight wheelchair. Karma Mobility lightweight wheelchairs are adjusted to your height and weight and can have added accessories such as headrests and hand rests for maximum comfort. Moreover, lightweight wheelchairs are less heavy than powerchairs and can be easily folded for storage in the car or elsewhere.

Last but not least, the price is another thing to consider. When it comes to wheelchairs, price is indicative of quality and in the end, you get what you pay for. The right wheelchair for you may not be very cheap, but Karma Mobility wheelchairs are made to last.



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