Taking your powered wheelchairs on long journeys

Powered wheelchairs have built up a great reputation for improving confidence, independence and, subsequently, improving long travel. For those that have to commute, or haven’t experienced a long trip in a number of years due to their manual wheelchair – powered wheelchairs offer brilliant comfort, durability and reliability. As such, we’re sharing the benefits of taking your powered wheelchairs out on long journeys.

Customisable features

One of the primary benefits for wheelchair travel in powered wheelchairs is the ability to customise particular features. For instance, if you suffer from severe heart problems and issues, an adjustable footrest allows you to elevate your legs above heart level – thus improving comfort. Similarly, powered wheelchairs provide great assistance in a number of illnesses, enabling users to change their armrest height, the seat and even the types of wheels. While updating and customising the features on your powered wheelchairs may add more expense to the overall total, it’s a worthy investment. Those who have restricted mobility can enjoy more independence and, perhaps, head outdoors without the support of anyone.

Tilt in space

Manual wheelchairs have their uses – particularly for short travel and those with upper body strength – but powered wheelchairs offer users the ability to tilt. Without the ability to change position, tilt and relieve pressure on certain muscles – wheelchair users are at risk of developing pressure sores, further increasing pain. If you are unable to shift your weight independently, powered wheelchairs can assist in doing so.

Similarly, recline in powered wheelchairs can improve respiration, and also aid with ‘flat transfer to a bed’. Those who have a lack of mobility can significantly benefit from the tilt and recline features of powered wheelchairs. As you can tilt and recline, you also improve sitting tolerance – required for long journeys. If you happen to be on a long train journey, you can use the recline function to relieve pressure and improve comfort. Thus, enabling you to take more journeys and increase independence.


Hand in hand with better seating and features, such as the recline, comes an improvement in posture. Maintaining good posture is essential for improving mobility and reducing the risk of any long-term issues. When considering powered wheelchairs, you must think of the biomechanical factors of your wheelchair and the functionality. For instance, the wheels, the position of the wheels and height can be adjusted to suit your particular disability, further enhancing your comfort and posture.

The seat of our powered wheelchairs can vastly improve posture. However, the stability and position are of utmost importance when looking for powerchairs. You must ensure the seat distributes your weight properly to avoid pressure sores.


A major advantage to powered wheelchairs – namely, powerchairs – is their impressive compatibility. You can find powered wheelchairs that fold in several easy steps. For those that can sit on train/plane seats and the like, you can fold your powered wheelchairs when traveling on public transports. Folding powered wheelchairs open up many more doors when it comes to longer journeys – especially when it comes to wheelchair travel on aeroplanes. Your powered wheelchair will be placed in the cargo hold, and the easy steps mean the chair is less likely to suffer damage and you can properly detail the instructions to airline staff. More information on travelling abroad with your powerchairs can be found here.

Doesn’t require upper body strength

One of the major downfalls to manual wheelchairs is that they require upper body strength. You are continuously and strenuously working particular muscles, which could even lead to muscle fatigue and other long-term problems. For those who have limited mobility, manual wheelchairs require assistance for day-to-day errands and, therefore, longer journeys. This could, in turn, restrict your independence as you are attempting to work with someone else’s schedule. However, powered wheelchairs do not require any upper body strength, and can significantly reduce pain caused by propelling a manual wheelchair.

Don’t need assistance

As mentioned in the above point, powered wheelchairs enable users to travel without assistance. As long as the powerchair is properly charged and you have considered all factors of your travel – such as assistance in disembarking the transport etc. – you can travel on your own. Powered wheelchairs are renowned for providing independence and enabling users to get out and about – you don’t have to sacrifice your life before the chair. Your life has only just started.

Rear wheel and mid wheel

There are many features to powered wheelchairs, and you can also opt for rear wheel drive powered wheelchairs and mid wheel.

Rear wheel drive powered wheelchairs are perfect for those travelling outdoors. The position of the wheel offers excellent handling, manoeuvering and increased riding security. Therefore, you can tackle any uneven terrain or even certain climbing obstacles. Rear wheel drive powered wheelchairs also boast a wider turning radius, providing better and smoother navigation in outdoor spaces.

Mid wheel drive powered wheelchairs  are similar to the above, as they also improve handling and are extremely responsive. However, the central position of the wheels on the mid wheel drive powered wheelchairs makes for better indoor accessibility. Similarly, the position allows for great stability when turning.

Ultimately, powered wheelchairs are your chance for more independence and, as such, greater ability to travel and gain valued experiences. You can get in touch with our team today to discuss more of your options.


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