Helpful information for propelling a lightweight wheelchair

Learning to propel a wheelchair takes practice, as does any skill that you wish to master. Depending on the shape, weight and form of your wheelchair, propelling can be different for each individual person. However, practice makes perfect and if you try to learn how to propel your wheelchair you will certainly need the assistance of a family member or carer.

Karma Mobility lightweight wheelchairs are easy to propel with rims that are safe for the finger and hands. Ergonomic and comfortable rims will allow you to propel your wheelchair on your own, while avoiding blisters and pressure sores on your fingers. Comfort, pricing and convenience are the most important criteria for choosing a wheelchair and it is no different for lightweight chairs.

How to propel your own wheelchair

Controlling your wheelchair and knowing how it works are the first steps towards successful self-propelling. In order to achieve better control of your wheelchair, you will need to read the manual carefully and ask for help. Self-propelling is not an easy task, but can be achieved with practice and persistence. As time goes by, your upper arm strength will increase sand that will help you propel your chair easier, even outdoors. Buying special gloves also helps because they will protect your hands from injuries.

Propelling indoors and outdoors

Karma Mobility lightweight wheelchairs are designed to propel indoors and outdoors. However, they are different processes and you will encounter different kinds of uneven terrain when travelling outdoors. Lightweight wheelchairs are not ideal for very long distances unless you have the right accessories to avoid obstacles and reach higher or lower ground.

Quite a few of our lightweight wheelchairs at Karma Mobility are self-propelled and come with different accessories and additions to help you with your mobility issues.

Quality and comfort

At Karma Mobility, we are changing the lightweight wheelchair market by providing affordable and long-lasting lightweight wheelchairs to people with limited mobility. To learn more about our products and your propelling options visit our website or contact us directly. We will be happy to assist you and answer all your questions about your new wheelchair.



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