Discover the versatility of lightweight wheelchairs for ageing patients

Lightweight wheelchairs are very versatile and can be used by different groups of people with mobility problems. If you have limited mobility due to old age but you wish to have independence, then a lightweight wheelchair from Karma Mobility may be the right option for you.

At Karma Mobility, we take into consideration many factors when designing our wheelchairs and we always make sure that they are user-friendly for older and incapacitated people. If you wish to propel your wheelchair by yourself, but also want to have someone push it for you at times, then our lightweight wheelchairs are ideal for you.

What is the difference between a regular and a lightweight wheelchair?

Unlike regular transport wheelchairs, which have four regular or small wheels, lightweight wheelchairs come with two large wheels on the rear and two regular or small up front. This makes them more portable and ideal for elderly people who want to be moved around with the help of a carer or a family member. Some of our wheelchairs have a self-propel mechanism for better control and independence.

How can an older person benefit from a lightweight wheelchair?

Older people are not necessarily immobile, but sometimes wish to use a wheelchair for longer distances. This causes less fatigue and allows them to make the most of their day. Plus, most lightweight portable wheelchairs are folded and can be stored in the trunk of a car or transported around with relative ease.

Lightweight chairs at Karma Mobility are sturdy, strong and provide balance and flexibility to older patients who are at risk of falling while walking.

If you plan to spend quite some time in your wheelchair, then you are advised to add customised cushions, backrests and other accessories that will add comfort. High-quality lightweight wheelchairs such as those available at Karma Mobility will be effective even for longer distances. However, a regular wheelchair may be a safer bet in this case, especially if you want someone to push it for you.

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