Switching to a powerchair – all you need to know

For many patients who have gradually lost mobility, regaining their independence is a significant achievement. However, a manual chair can lead to fatigue, pain and frustration, especially when you constantly rely on other people to move around. Switching to a powerchair can actually help you become more independent and improve the quality of your life significantly.

If you find yourself stuck around the house simply because moving around has become hard work, then maybe it is time to consider a powerchair. At Karma Mobility, we offer a wide selection of powerchairs, which can be customised to fit your medical needs.

What is a powerchair?

Power wheelchairs are battery-powered versions of regular wheelchairs. Unlike a mobility scooter, which operates as a mini vehicle, powerchairs are operated with the help of a control joystick located on the chair’s armrest. Wheelchair users can easily find their way through odd spaces quickly and effectively.

Power wheelchairs are also made to operate on various surfaces, offering great navigation and allowing patients to access areas that are not easily accessed by a mobility scooter.

In some cases, powerchairs can function with the help of the mouth or other body parts and this is important for patients who cannot use their hands properly.

At Karma Mobility, our powerchairs are lightweight and have large batteries, which can go for days without the need to be recharged. Moreover, our stand powerchairs, such as Ergo Stand Powerchair, allow patients to stand on their own without the need to be supported by someone else.

Signs you need a powerchair

If you find yourself spending your energy wheeling instead of spending quality time with your loved ones, then it is time to consider investing in a wheelchair. Constant wheeling can lead to chronic shoulder pain, rough patches on the hands and lack of energy in the long run. If you notice that you feel less fatigue throughout the day when you do not wheel much, then it is safe to say that your wheelchair is to blame.

To learn more about powerchairs, call us today and we will happily answer any questions you may have.


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