Picking the right lightweight wheelchair

If you are in the market for a lightweight wheelchair, you probably have many questions. Unlike regular wheelchairs, lightweight wheelchairs are designed to be more travel-friendly and are ideal for people who move around a lot.

At Karma Mobility, we appreciate that buying a new wheelchair is a big decision and we are here to help you make a choice that suits your disability and lifestyle. Our lightweight wheelchairs are designed to facilitate your movements and make your life better.

How are lightweight wheelchairs different from regular wheelchairs?

Lightweight wheelchairs are much easier to move around and offer a different experience from regular wheelchairs. Most of the time, these wheelchairs are foldable and are created with a lighter frame in order to be easily transportable and enable people to do more things without having to worry about the weight of their wheelchair. More importantly, lightweight chairs are very easy to use and depending on your situation, they will eliminate the need for constant care by someone else. At Karma Mobility, we even create self-propelled chairs that allow people to achieve more independence than they normally would.

Criteria to take into consideration

While doing your research, the most important thing is to look at reputable sellers and check warranty policies. Wheelchairs are generally durable, but it is important to know that if something breaks, the seller can fix it, replace it or have spare parts. Another parameter to consider is usage. Having a good idea of what you are going to use the wheelchair for, is really important when choosing a lighter wheelchair. Most people use these wheelchairs more randomly, but they can be used on a regular basis as well. Knowing what you want in advance will allow us to help you choose the best wheelchair for your individual needs. Last but not least, you need to ensure that your chair is comfortable. You will be spending quite some time in it, therefore ensuring that your wheelchair fits your height and body shape is crucial. Other things to contemplate include the type of armrests and headrest as well as the footplates. Remember that all of our wheelchairs can be adapted to suit you.


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