Travel easily with a lightweight wheelchair

If you have been meaning to travel but you do not want to deal with your bulky, and heavy wheelchair, you might want to consider switching to a lightweight wheelchair. Lightweight wheelchairs are great for vacations and other travel activities, since they can help you navigate easily and withstand the rigors of travel.

At Karma Mobility, we have developed a range of lightweight wheelchairs that are easy to move around and therefore ideal for occasions such as trips or days out. Our wheelchairs are user-friendly and can be adjusted to your height for extra comfort.

Non-friendly wheelchairs can ruin your trip

Whether you are organising a little getaway in your own country or planning to fly abroad, doing it with a heavy and solid wheelchair can add much stress to your vacation. Not all countries have the infrastructure to accommodate people with disabilities and getting around unfamiliar places with a heavy and impractical wheelchair can be challenging both for you and your caretaker.

If you are not travelling with your own vehicle, you may be worried about leaving your wheelchair in the luggage compartment in case it gets broken. Light wheelchairs are easier to carry, and sometimes they collapse or fold, providing much more flexibility than regular wheelchairs. With a lightweight wheelchair, you will feel more comfortable about your trip and focus on the adventures awaiting you.

Not only for travelling

For somebody used to a sturdier chair, or even an electric wheelchair, using a lightweight wheelchair for the first time may seem strange and unfamiliar. However, lightweight wheelchairs are not necessarily designed for short-term use and the more you use them the more comfortable you will get. At Karma Mobility, we are committed to providing high-quality, lightweight wheelchairs that incorporate most of the features of regular wheelchairs and can be personalised. Imagine being able to move around corners and fit into places that were not easily accessible before. A lightweight wheelchair can help you achieve more independence and feel more comfortable even if you are travelling outside your comfort zone.

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