Planning a journey in your lightweight wheelchair

There’s no getting away from the fact that people who use lightweight wheelchairs usually need to plan their journey and experience a little more. Once you become adept at this, you should find it becomes a seamless part of your interaction with the world. Part of the trick is to remain positive and patient, as some people along the way will inevitably be more helpful than others, but it’s not worth letting those who are less aware get you down on your journey. The rest involves using the right tools to ensure you are ready to set off and reduce your chances of encountering avoidable obstacles.

Karma Mobility provides equipment to help you get around in the world. This is includes ultra-lightweight and lightweight wheelchairs, which offer a reduced load for you or your carer to propel.

Use technology

Technology is really useful for people who use lightweight wheelchairs. There are various different types that can help with planning. These include:

  • Websites – transport providers, in particular, are likely to have information about accessibility on their websites. You can understand the challenges you might face by looking at different routes. You may also be able to call ahead to make sure you have assistance at certain points such as getting on and off of a train;
  • Google maps – street view on Google maps is detailed enough that you should be able to see where the dropped kerbs are on your route. Sometimes you can also see if there are steps at the entrances of the places that you want to go;
  • Apps – there are many apps available for disabled users so that they can check out the accessibility of the entertainment and leisure facilities that they want to use.

Call ahead

In this age of technology, it’s easy to overlook the value of speaking to someone directly. If the website is unclear or you are unsure in any way, it’s best to make a call. Someone who works at the place you wanted to go to is ideally situated to offer advice. It’s a two way process though so be ready with the questions you want to ask and be prepared to wait for a call back in some cases.


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