Lightweight wheelchairs for life

With the right lightweight wheelchair from Karma Mobility, you can enjoy efficiency, manoeuvrability, and practicality whether you are working, playing or resting.

Lightweight wheelchairs are just one of the choices that you can make when choosing a mobility aid. They have some great advantages. A local stockist of Karma Mobility products should be able to discuss the benefits of each model with you as well as any challenges that you need to take into account.


Lightweight wheelchairs can open up travel options for some users, particularly if they are able to lift the chair themselves. Many models are light and compact enough to be put in an ordinary car. With a few adaptations such as a hoist and/ or a roof box, even someone who cannot lift the chair themselves can enjoy independence when it comes to their travels.

Lightweight wheelchairs can easily be stowed on a flight, usually without taking up any baggage allowance. If the user still needs assistance to get around the airport, airlines often supply mobility aids, as well as providing other assistance such as a buggy to reach gates that are far away.

At home

Many people choose lightweight wheelchairs for use around the home. They are usually smaller than their motorised counterparts so they can fit through ordinary doors and negotiate smaller spaces. If you do not need to use your lightweight wheelchair all the time, many models fold down for ease of storage.


The importance, for disabled people, of accessing the world in the same way as others is something that Karma Mobility understands. That’s why they offer a wider range of mobility aids to help you interact with entertainment facilities and leisure activities.

Many premises such as theatres, cinemas and restaurants offer some form of disabled access. This might be via a lift, ramp or perhaps an alternative, step-free entrance to the building. Even where these are not practical for a business to provide, they may still have thought about an alternative solution that they can offer to their disabled guests.

Even when you are using a lightweight wheelchair, you can still enjoy many available entertainment options. Often, all that is required is open communication and a little planning.


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