Adapting your car for use with lightweight wheelchairs

When you first get a lightweight wheelchair, it may seem like using a mobility aid is going to restrict your life considerably. At Karma Mobility, we know that this does not need to be the case. With our range of lightweight wheelchairs and other mobility aids, you can choose the support that will help you to live a full life.

There are stockists of Karma Mobility products all over the UK and Ireland. This means that you can pop to a local dealer, who can advise you on the different features of our products. We are also happy to answer questions and can be contacted through our website.

When you are choosing from our range of lightweight wheelchairs and other products, it’s worth considering how you will transport your mobility aid. If you intend to continue to use your car, there are several ways that you can adapt it to help you do this.

You may not need any adaptations at all if you choose the right lightweight wheelchair and you are able to lift it into your vehicle. Many lightweight wheelchairs are designed to fold away and fit in your backseat or boot. Otherwise, these are some of the adaptations you can consider:

  • A roof box – these are like a standard roof box with a controller inside the vehicle that opens it and drops down a harness. You attach your wheelchair to this and use the controller again to hoist it back into the box which closes securely. All this can be done while seated in the vehicle;
  • Boot hoist – this works in a similar way to the above, but it lifts the wheelchair into the boot. This might be more suitable if you are able to exit your wheelchair by yourself or if your main carer is someone who cannot lift your chair into a vehicle;
  • A ramp – for powerchairs and some lightweight wheelchairs, it is best to have a ramp to allow access to the vehicle. This requires a specially adapted vehicle. These are often available through organisations like Motability;
  • Transfer plates – these are designed to help you move from your wheelchair into a vehicle. They can be manual or electric.


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